Encounter on the North Atlantic
Encounter on the North Atlantic

MAARTEN PLATJE (born 1967)

Encounter on the North Atlantic

2017 Netherlands

Offered by Cavalier Galleries, Inc.

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This painting symbolizes the most significant development in the history of shipping. From the earliest times men went out to sea for fishing, commercial activities and war ships and boats had to make use of man-power and the power of wind. In 1764, the Scot James Watt build a machine that could be seen as the starting point of an enormous technical revolution: the steam engine. It did not take long before shipbuilders started to build ships with steam propulsion. No longer navigation was hindered by wind and weather. Bigger ships could be build and inter-continental voyages could be carried out in tight schedules.
Because commercial aviation in the late 19th and early 20th century did not exist yet, large and modern passenger boats appeared at the Oceans. Especially North Atlantic passenger shipping between Europe and the United States became a vital link between the two continents.
A well-known Anglo-American shipping company was (and still is) Cunard Line, providing regular services between Southampton and New York. One of the most impressive and beautiful ships of this company was the steamship Aquitania, built on a Scottish shipyard. The 275 meter long ship measured 45.647 tons and made her first journey to New York on 30 May 1914. During her life the Aquitania made 450 trans-Atlantic journeys and during the two world-wars the ship transported many thousand soldiers to and back from the European battlefields. In 1950 the ship was decommissioned and scrapped.
On the painting you can see the Aquitania in northern Atlantic waters almost surrounded by American fishing schooners catching halibuts, cods and haddocks. Sails and steam caught in one beautiful scene. An encounter of two era’s.
The schooner on the foreground is the Teazer one of the most extraordinary, tough and staunch little vessel that ever sailed the North Atlantic. The ship was built in 1905 at the Tarr and James yard at Essex. On the deck of the Teazer you see the so-called dory’s in which the sailors of the schooner set out and handle the nets. A famous captain of the Teazer was Peter Dunsky who has lead his ship and crew through many hazardous situations.
Of interest is that a 65 horsepower auxiliary gasoline engine, another technical development in that period, was installed in the ship. American maritime history in optima forma.

Maarten Platje
9 March 2017

Height 27.50 inch (69.85 cm)
Width 39.25 inch (99.69 cm)
oil on canvas
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