Fijian Straight Shafted Pole Club ‘Gadi’
Fijian Straight Shafted Pole Club ‘Gadi’

Fijian Straight Shafted Pole Club ‘Gadi’

1800 to 1900 Fiji

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A Long Fijian Straight Shafted Pole Club ‘Gadi’
The surface entirely engraved with zigzag designs. The recessed butt end with sperm whale ivory inlay
Traces of white lime, old smooth patina
Early 19th Century

Size: 105cm long – 41¼ ins long
The Fijians had specific names for each formal war club type, which basically described the physical nature of the club. Straight pole clubs such as this were termed ‘gadi’ because ‘gadi’ was the kind of wood used to make them and was rarely used to make another type. These powerful two handed war clubs were used in close combat causing heavy casualties. However, due to this examples highly decorative and imposing appearance it was most probably made for the ritual use of a chief.
Wood and Whale Tooth
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