German or Austrian Silver Mounted Hunting Amulet 'Charivari'

German or Austrian Silver Mounted Hunting Amulet 'Charivari'

1700 to 1800 German or Austrian

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A Rare German or Austrian Silver Mounted Hunting Amulet 'Charivari' made from the jaws of a wolverine. With jewelled green paste eyes
18th Century

Size: 3cm high, 5cm long, 4cm wide – 1¼ ins high, 2 ins long, 1½ ins wide
See: Finch and Co catalogue no. 11, item no. 62, for three other 'Charivari' made from the jaws of stoats or weasels
The wolverine is a solitary, ground living forest animal found in Northern Europe and Siberia and is renowned for its thick and luxurious fur. It is heavily built and is immensely strong for its size, capable of killing animals much larger than itself. The wolverine also has an ability to run at high speed over frozen snow enabling it to catch prey such as reindeer which can outpace it during the summer months. By wearing this amulet the hunter believed he would gain the attributes of the animal and the wolverine is a very successful and powerful hunter.
Silver, animal bone / teeth and paste eyes
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