Hei Tiki in Whalebone
Hei Tiki in Whalebone

Hei Tiki in Whalebone

c. 1890 New Zealand

Offered by Herwig Simons

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Hei Tiki is a small neck pendant in the form of a human fetus, used by the Maori of New Zealand as a fertility symbol. Usually carved of green nephrite or a jadelike stone called pounamu or Whalebone. Hei Tikis normally are worn only by women. The object is believed to possess magical powers that increase as it is passed on from generation to generation. According to one idea, the hei tiki protects its wearer against the vengeful spirits of stillborn infants, who have been deprived of the chance to live. Another theory holds that the figure represents the Polynesian god Tiki, the creator of life.

Hei tikis have been prized by European and American collectors for their beauty and elegance; but to the Maori the greatest value of these pendants lies in their possession of magical powers and in the prestige acquired from previous owners.
Height 11.00 cm (4.33 inches)
Width 7.70 cm (3.03 inches)
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