Hourglass 17th. Century

Hourglass 17th. Century

1670 to 1710 Continental

Offered by Herwig Simons

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Hourglasses are said to have been invented at Alexandria about the middle of the third century, where they were sometimes carried around just as people carry watches today.It is speculated that it was in use in the 11th century, where it would have complemented the magnetic compass as an aid to navigation. Recorded evidence of their existence is found no earlier than the 14th century, the earliest being an hourglass appearing in the 1338 fresco Allegory of Good Government by Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Written records from the same period mention the hourglass, and it appears in lists of ships stores. One of the earliest surviving records is a sales receipt of Thomas de Stetesham, clerk of the English ship La George, in 1345
Mint condition
Privat Italian Collection
Mémoire de Sabliers by Jacques Attali
Height 38.00 cm (14.96 inches)
Diameter 11.00 (4.33 inches)
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