1800 to 2000 Nigeria

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A pair of non-identical twins with bead necklaces. The females hairdo is plaited forwards and she has beads around her left ankle. The male hairdo is a series of knots in a ridge, with the rest of head shaved. Both have carved bracelets and waist beads. A fine chestnut patina.
19th / early 20th century

Ila Irangun Igbomina area, possibly, but these two are an extremely rare type. The male hairdo is also found amongst Egba Ibeji.

Size: Female: 26 cm high - 10 ins high
Male: 27 cm high - 10½ ins high

All of these Ibeji were collected between May, 1958 and March, 1962 by one British collector who encountered his first sculpture in a small market in Oyo whilst he was working in western Nigeria as a biochemist. He subsequently developed an interest in the Yoruba and their religion and whilst continuing to purchase Ibeji he also attended and photographed the Yourba festivals. Through a network of priests and devotees he visited many villages and amassed a personal archive of research material and photographs. This material was used for lectures and some of the photographs were published whilst he was living in the USA. The material was copied by the Museum of Primitive Art and is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
This personal collection of Ibeji was formed to illustrate the Yoruba sculptural aesthetic, and out of a great interest in the people and their beliefs.
Height 27.00 cm (10.63 inches)
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