Kurdish Bidjar Rug
Kurdish Bidjar Rug
Kurdish Bidjar Rug
Kurdish Bidjar Rug
Kurdish Bidjar Rug
Kurdish Bidjar Rug

Kurdish Bidjar Rug

c. 1880 Persia

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Woven in the Kurdish northwest region of Persia, Bidjar carpets of the nineteenth century display a diversity of inspirations as well as varying levels of formal versus more village conceptions of design. This piece reflects the technical proficiency of an accomplished weaver. Delicate repeat drawing in the “Herati pattern”, blending colorful rosettes and palm-fronds on vertical axes is executed across the madder-red field. This exacting scale of design is mirrored within the ivory central medallion and reinforced by three small bands of design framing the composition as borders. Of particular interest, though, is the treatment of the medallion and its interaction with the field. While contrast is achieved with color and of course, shape, the continuity of design through both and the lack of formal corner-pieces unify the composition using an aesthetic sense particularly favored by Kurdish weavers of this region. The inclusion of other details, like the pairs of pink animals drawn in the truncated anchors at either side of the medallion, add Kurdish village flare to the more formal Persian central medallion design.
Height 138.00 inch (350.52 cm)
Width 88.00 inch (223.52 cm)
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