Marble Busts Apollo & Artemis
Marble Busts Apollo & Artemis

Marble Busts Apollo & Artemis

c. 1800 Italy

Offered by Herwig Simons


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Superb quality white Carrara marble busts of Apollo and Artemis.
Apollo and his twin sister Artemis were the children of Zeus and Leto. Born in the little island of Delos he has been called "the most Greek of all the gods." He is a beautiful figure in Greek poetry, the master musician who delights the gods of Olympus with his golden lyre. He is the Archer- god, master of the silver bow. He is the god of Light, in all the gods, like in men, there is a continuous struggle between good and evil, their light and dark sides, whatever the proportion of one to the other might be; in Apollo there was almost no darkness at all, his primitive and cruel side was shown only briefly and in very few myths. He is also the god of Truth, no false word ever fell from his lips, because of this his oracle at Delphi was very important to people, serving ad a link between men and gods. He was also the Healer- god, who first taught men medicine and the art of healing.
Artemis is the lady of the forest and all the wild things, as well as the Huntsman- in-chief to the gods, an odd office for a woman. Like Apollo she hunts with silver arrows. She is one of the three virgin goddesses along with Athena and Hestia. Surprisingly, she also presides over childbirth, this goes back to the fact that she did not cause her mother any pain when she was born. As always in Greek Mythology, she also had her dark side, showing her as fierce and vengeful warrior. For example, although she is the protector of the young, she kept the Greek Fleet from sailing to Troy, until Iphigenia, a royal maiden, daughter of the Commander in Chief Agamemnon was sacrificed to her. All because the Greek soldiers killed one of the creatures, a hare, together with her young. On the other hand, when women died a quick and painless death, they were said to have been slain by Artemis' silver arrows.

Height 83.00 cm (32.68 inches)
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