(Nudes in landscape), 1910
(Nudes in landscape), 1910
(Nudes in landscape), 1910
(Nudes in landscape), 1910
(Nudes in landscape), 1910
(Nudes in landscape), 1910
(Nudes in landscape), 1910
(Nudes in landscape), 1910
(Nudes in landscape), 1910

DERWENT LEES (1885-1931)

(Nudes in landscape), 1910

1910 British

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(Nudes in landscape)
Watercolour and ink on paper
30.5 x 24.30
Signed and dated in ink, ‘Derwent Lees 1910’ lower right
Private Collection purchased, Deutscher Galleries, Derwent Lees 1885 (sic) – 1931. An Australian Expatriate, 30 November – 13 December 1978, cat no. 43
Alleyne Zander, ‘Derwent Lees’, Art in Australia, February 15th 1933, pp:22-27
Redfern Gallery, Derwent Lees 1885 (sic)-1931, April – 5 May 1934
Randolph Schwabe, ‘Reminiscences of fellow students’, The Burlington Magazine, Vol. IXXXII, pp:6-10
Georg Charlton, ‘The Slade School of Fine Art’, The Studio, Vol. CXXXII, October 1946, pp: 114-121
Deutscher Galleries, 1092 High Street, Armadale, exhibition catalogue, Derwent Lees 1885 (sic) – 1931. An Australian Expatriate, Armadale, 1978
Henry R. Lew, In search of Derwent Lees, Henry R. Lew, North Caulfield, 1996

Derwent Lees trained at the Slade School, University of London from 1905-08, graduating with First Prize in Life Drawing in 1908. He was immediately appointed Drawing Master and remained on the staff until 1918. In that year he was committed to an Asylum in Surrey where he remained until his death. Lees is thought to have produced little work after 1915 when his illness affected his teaching. Before the First World War, during University holidays he travelled widely in Europe and according to Lew, it was on these trips that he was most productive. The Awakening 1910 was painted during his association with Augustus John and J.D. Innes in Wales or the south of France between 1910 -14. Lees exhibited with the New English Art Club 1911-1919, the Friday Club 1911-1916 and with the Goupil Gallery and Chenil Gallery. Eight of Lees paintings were collected by the famous American collector John Quinn and three oils were included in the Armory Show in New York in 1913. Lees and Charles Conder, were the only Australians to be included.

Height 32.50 cm (12.80 inches)
Width 25.40 cm (10.00 inches)
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