Oil on Canvas Assumption of the Virgin 17th Century
Oil on Canvas Assumption of the Virgin 17th Century
Oil on Canvas Assumption of the Virgin 17th Century
Oil on Canvas Assumption of the Virgin 17th Century
Oil on Canvas Assumption of the Virgin 17th Century
Oil on Canvas Assumption of the Virgin 17th Century
Oil on Canvas Assumption of the Virgin 17th Century
Oil on Canvas Assumption of the Virgin 17th Century

Oil on Canvas Assumption of the Virgin 17th Century

c. 1690 to c. 1715 Italy

Offered by Riccardo Moneghini

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Painting oil on canvas measuring 99 x 75 cm without frame and 134 x 110 cm with an important and truly remarkable 17th century frame, depicting an assumption by the Virgin of the Tuscan-Roman school of the late 17th century - early 18th century attributable as a descriptive typology, as a chromatic range and great scenic value to the painter Benedetto Luti (Florence 1666 - Rome 1724).

Benedetto Luti was a student in Florence of Gabbiani and in 1691 thanks to the patronage of the Grand Duke Cosimo III he moved to Rome with the privilege of living and working in Palazzo Medici in Campomarzio. In the Eternal City the painter modeled his art on the examples of Carlo Maratta, but the works of Gaulli were equally fundamental, decisive for the plastic and chromatic aspect useful to dissolve his primitive Florentine language. On these taste directives, at the beginning of the century the painter freed himself from the maratteschi precepts and his expressive means came to full autonomy, developing a very personal language and interpreter of the Arcadian classicism that unites the Baroque culture, the Rococo 'up to crystalline language of Pompeo Batoni.

The composition is very versatile and cleverly calibrated in the colors especially in those continuous contrasts between the very light parts, especially with the light that strongly illuminates the Madonna and the dark ones from where the delicate and sweet putti emerge, where the extraordinary versatility of the artist both thanks to a classical education due to the study of the great masters through the copy of plaster models and prints, and thanks to an unbridled passion for colors and for his color palette that made everything more evanescent, ethereal, almost dreamy . The canvas is very balanced and sharply regulated in colors, especially in the form of quality, while the scene, represented here, intelligently developed with colors that are never excessive, is undoubtedly part of the theme par excellence of the paintings of that period or of the so-called baroque painting of which Benedetto Luti he was a great master.

The subject of the canvas is an amiable Madonna who, with a dreamy air, relies on divine life and cherubs ready to take her to heaven, dispersing her mind in an almost Arcadian world and in any case very far from reality where we immediately perceive the overflowing personality of our artist, given the strong coloristic impact on the canvas through a clear preference for the design where both the richness of the details and a very methodical and rational disposition of every single character or object emerge; this Madonna shows us how the painter made her the typical luminosity of those great Tuscan and, above all, Roman artists of the end of the seventeenth century that he got to know.

This composition, probably painted in the nineties of the seventeenth century - first decade of the eighteenth century, having been made in the mature age (the most brilliant and shining moment of a career, however, always of absolute level) of the painter, is of excellent quality and perfectly reflects the phase that painting is experiencing in those moments between a sense of Mannerist inspiration and adherence to the naturalistic observation that the Caravaggio imprint developed a few years earlier; even from the point of view properly of the expression and the form with a setting of the colors and the so compact and dense scene the painter lightened the whole with the colors of the dress and the face of the Madonna really shining able to give a sense of peace and truly remarkable serenity.

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Mr. Riccardo Moneghini
Old Master Paintings Expert
great state of conservation
Rome, private collection
Height 99.00 cm (38.98 inches)
Width 75.00 cm (29.53 inches)
External Height 134.00 cm (52.76 inches)
External Width 110.00 cm (43.31 inches)
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oil on canvas
Riccardo Moneghini

Riccardo Moneghini
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