Pair of Ear Ornaments - Thandatti
Pair of Ear Ornaments - Thandatti

Pair of Ear Ornaments - Thandatti

c. 1900 Tamil Nadu India

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These ear ornaments represent the harmonious working together of the three worlds which exist in Hindu belief. The First World is the terrestrial, physical universe; the Second World is the astral or mental plane, inhabited by spirits and angels and the Third World is the spiritual, divine universe of the Hindu Gods. These ornaments were given to daughters by their parents before marriage as a display of prestige and would have remained the possession of the woman.
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Brooklyn Museum U.S
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Height 3.00 cm (1.18 inches)
Width 3.70 cm (1.46 inches)
Depth 3.00 cm (1.18 inches)
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22ct Sheet Gold
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