Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady

Attributed to LOUIS RICHARD FRANÇOIS DUPONT DE MONTFIQUET Also known as LOUIS G. DUPONT (worked 1758-1765)

Portrait of a Lady

c. 1760 France

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A rare example of the artist’s work, this beautiful work is the epidemy of the Rococo portrait and the perfect harmony of colour. In the soft modelling of forms and the gentle oval of the face with its slightly rosy cheeks, evident is the influence of Jean Marc Nattier, none other than the court painter to the French royal family, whom Dupont trained under. Here we see the refinement and grace typical of the Rococo portrait. This is a fine example of the artist’s oeuvre with a particularly good treatment of the fabric and close in handling to some of Nattier’s work.

In 18th century France it was fashionable for aristocratic women to have their likenesses made in the guise of mythological or historical roles and you can see this in Dupont’s portrait of a Lady in the Louvre Museum Paris (inventory number RF 1992-413). Nattier specialised in these flattering allegorical portraits and he painted most of the circle of Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour in either traditional or allegorical guise. See the photos attached of Madame Marie-Henriette Berthelot de Pléneuf (1739), Marie-Anne de Bourbon-Condé (1729), and Marie Louise Thérèse Victoire as the personification of water.

Louis Richard Francois Dupont de Montfiquet (c.1734-1765) was born in Montfiquet in Calvados. Early in his career he showed the signs of a master in the making. He was sent to the workshop of Jean-Marc Nattier, known by some as the greatest Rococo painter of all time, in Paris by his patron, the Bishop of Bayeux, Paul d'Albert de Luynes. He worked there from 1758 to 1762 and later in Rouen from 1762 until his death. His work has sold up to $51,940 at auction (Paris, 27th April 2000). See the catalogue of the Nattier exhibition “The true student of Jean-Marc Nattier”, pages 36 and 37 (Xavier Salmon; Castle Versailles, 1999- 2000) for an excerpt on Louise Richard Francois Dupont.
Height 74.00 cm (29.13 inches)
Width 59.00 cm (23.23 inches)
External Height 82.00 cm (32.28 inches)
External Width 68.00 cm (26.77 inches)
Oil on canvas
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