Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady

Studio of CHARLES BEAUBRUN Also known as CHARLES BAUBRUN, CHARLES BOBRUN (worked c.1631-c.1692)
Studio of HENRI BEAUBRUN Also known as HENRI BAUBRUN, HENRI BOBRUN (1603-1677)

Portrait of a Lady

c. 1660 France

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This portrait is an excellent example of the Baroque Beaubrun portrait style in which the cousins often presented the sitter with long hands and fingers, being an idealisation of female beauty at the time, and the contour between the neck and shoulder is a Beaubrun trademark. The painting abounds with ingenious flourishes and demonstrations of the painter's skill; it is perhaps unsurprising that the cousins were teachers and Treasurers at the prestigious Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Paris. A remarkable care is exercised, for example, in the painting of the sitter's face and hands and the treatment of the shimmering drapery. Red textiles were both celebratory and a mark of high status, and in this portrait a rich harmony of varying shades. The fabrics were immensely expensive and the jewels on the bodice, the chignon (or bun), and the necklace – all denoting wealth and social rank.

France dictated fashions of Western Europe during much of the 17th century and the entirety of the 18th. Trends changed rapidly as the middle class replicated the style of the noble classes; the nobles would in turn devise new trends to remain more “refined” and superior than the middle class. France led in this area because England was wracked by civil war and Italy’s days of Renaissance glory were over. France developed into the main political and cultural power and from the mid century European rulers strove to imitate the powerful Sun King. France became the center for lace-making and silk and brocade manufacturing and its many goods were in high demand in other European countries.

Presented in a fine antique frame.
French private collection.
External Height 103.00 cm (40.55 inches)
External Width 83.00 cm (32.68 inches)
Oil on canvas.
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