Qianlong Period life-size hound.
Qianlong Period life-size hound.
Qianlong Period life-size hound.

Qianlong Period life-size hound.

c. 1780 China

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An important and massive Export seated hound
Naturalistically moulded seated on its haunches, the front legs straight and head erect, enamelled in brown with its chest, paws and underbelly left primarily white, wearing a red-iron collar with a bell and two pendants suspended from each side, the collar tied as a bow at the nape, the opening on its back shaped like a peach, the symbol of longevity.
56.5cm.(22 1/4in.) high (2)Chinese Qianlong Period life-size hound.
Circa 1780.
Only a few examples of these remarkable and naturalistic large hunting dogs are known to exist. They have always been regarded as masterpieces of the Export potter's craft, since the massive size is hard to control in the firing. Indeed, so highly were they regarded in the West that dogs of this size are one of the very few Export porcelain figure models to have been faithfully copied by European potters. It was more usual for the European prototype figure model to be copied carefully in China for sale back to the European merchants in Canton, who had almost certainly provided the original to their Canton co-hong representative; he would have sent it up to Jingdezhen, to be copied and returned to Canton in time for the homeward shipments to Europe nearly 18 months later.

Of the few pairs or singles that have been sold at auction, the basic body colour is always either brown or grey.

Bill Sargent puts forward the interesting thesis that these dogs were made not merely for export but also for the domestic Chinese market. Judging from their present locations, and the 'special commission' context in which they were presumably first ordered during the Qianlong Emperor's reign, it does seem likely that most examples ended up on a European-bound East Indiaman, probably shipped as private trade cargo.
Good. See photos for slight rubbing.
Published in the Asian Art catalogue by curator Barry Till from the Victoria, BC. Art Gallery where it was on loan for the last number of years from a prominent local collector.
Art Gallery Victoria, BC. CANADA.
Lot 266
An important pair of massive Export seated hounds Qianlong
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Only a few appear to have been published, though other examples exist in European and American private collections. See for example the single brown dog in the Copeland Collection, illustrated by W. Sargent, op. cit., p.139: the Mottahedeh dog, by Howard and Ayers, op.cit., p.596: and the pair discovered by Beurdely and Raindre, op.cit., p.212 no.290. A similar single hound of this great size is illustrated by W.R. Sargeant. The Copeland Collection, Chinese and Japanese Ceramic Figures p.137 pl.63, catalogue. Ref. Bonhams
Height 30.00 inch (76.20 cm)
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Porcelain of the Qianlong Period
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