Roland Topor Daum France
Roland Topor Daum France
Roland Topor Daum France
Roland Topor Daum France
Roland Topor Daum France

DAUM FRÈRES, NANCY (worked 1878-1914)

Roland Topor Daum France

1990 France

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Sometimes it is difficult to see the truth and maybe you want to shut your eyes. The artist Roland Topor made this statue for Daum France and he called it : Les mains sales. When you put it in front of the light you see the depth of this statue, the real meaning. You can shut your eyes and put your hands before them, but still you know the truth and you know what happened. History can't be changed.
Do you dare to take this statue in your home and confront yourself with your conscience?
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Profile of Roland Topor
- Writer, playwright, painter and "provocative" draughtsman famous for his characters and landscapes. - An impassioned artist with biting black humour. - His works cast an impertinent glance on society and its institutions. They incite the spectator to reflect on rather disturbing topics.
Biography (1938 – 1997)
Roland Topor was born in 1938 in Paris, the son of Polish emigrants. Author and draughtsman, Roland Topor studied at the Beaux-Arts school and first published his drawings and stories in the reviews Bizarre, Arts, Le Rire and Fiction. In 1962, he co-founded the movement "Panique" with Arrabal, Jodorowsky and Stenberg. This resulted in several album books including "Le Locataire Chimérique" (1964), "Les Mémoires d’un vieux Con" (1975) and "Café Panique" (1981). As an engraver (a large number of his lithographs and wood engravings were published by the Atelier Clot in Paris) and painter, he created images for the magic lantern
in Fellini's film "Casanova" in 1975, and illustrated literary works, including the complete works of Marcel Aymé in 1977. He designed the decor and costumes for Ligeti's opera "Le Grand Macabre" in 1978, Poulenc and Appolinaire's "Les Mamelles de Tiresias" in 1985, Mozart"s "The Magic Flute" in 1990 and Jarry's "King Ubu" in 1991. He won the national Grand Prix for graphic arts in 1981 and the Grand Prix des Arts de la Ville de Paris. A large- scale retrospective exhibition, Topor: death and the devil was dedicated to him at the Stadtmuseum in Munich in 1985.In 1994, a film by Gerhard Thiel, Les Rêves de Topor, was broadcast on the channel ARTE during one of its "Théma" evenings. He died in 1997. Quotation:"Humanity needs the sublime. The sublime of the sublime is art. The sublime of art is the avant-garde."
Roland Topor - Extract from his Mémoires d'un vieux con Roland Topor for Daum
"Les Mains Sales" (Dirty hands), 250 copies Through this sculpture in “pâte de cristal”, Roland Topor aimed to express his demand for truth: "the hands one uses to hide oneself from the gaze of other people burn like red-hot iron." Height: 41 cm
Height 41.00 cm (16.14 inches)
Daum France Topor
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