Sailor's Woolwork (woolie) of  SS Westernland, signed by Maker.
Sailor's Woolwork (woolie) of  SS Westernland, signed by Maker.
Sailor's Woolwork (woolie) of  SS Westernland, signed by Maker.

Sailor's Woolwork (woolie) of SS Westernland, signed by Maker.

1894 England

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The large woolie is signed-Worked by A. Cooper 1894. The tall upright woolie depicts the Belgian Royal and U.S. Mail Steamship Westernland of the Red Star Line that brought passengers from Antwerp to New York and Philadelphia.

The woolie in an unusual upright format depicts the handsome Red Star liner with a port side view sailing towards the viewer a white fluffy wake depicted on the primary green and yellow sea. She is about to enter an American port as the American Jack on the format depicts. While she is under stem there are numerous sails in use too. A Belgium flag is flying from her stern and bow, company flags can be seen fluttering in the wind.

Dimensions: 31 1/2 inches x 25 inches wide (sight: 23 3/4 inches x 17 1/23 inches)

The Red Line Westernland, Circa 1887.


The Westernland was built in 1883 at Birkenhead by Laird Bros for American Line. She was a steel ship, 531ft x 59.2ft and 5,736 tons gross.

Her maiden voyage was on November 3rd, 1883. She was Red Star's first steel-hulled ship, the line's first ship with two funnels and the first Red Star steamer with three classes of passenger accommodations. She was built in drydock due to a shortage of building berths at Laird's, and was "launched" by being floated out of the drydock in August 1883. She made her maiden voyage on 3 November of the same year, from Antwerp to Philadelphia.(

She remained on that route through March 1901, when she was placed on the American Line's Liverpool-Philadelphia service. (International Navigation Co. owned both the American and Red Star Lines, and ships of one line were often used on the other's routes.) She returned to Red Star's Antwerp-New York service from March 1906 through January 1907, and made her last Liverpool-Philadelphia trip for American in September 1908.

The New York Times mentioned in an article, November 4, 1883, that the ship was the largest ever built on the Mersey mentioning four complete decks. There were 60 First Class Cabins and 60 Second Class and 1200 Steerage passengers. There were four steel masts, the two forward were square rigged and the two aft were fore and aft rigged.

In the book, The Old World and European Guide, Volume 7, Issue 1, Page 52 is a description of a Tour group called the 14th Select and Limited Party of ladies and gentlemen under the escort and management of Dr. A. de Potter. The tour lasted 100 days across Europe. The tour used the ships of the Red Line and, in particular, this ship because of the extra pleasure and extra comfort.
Height 25.00 inch (63.50 cm)
Width 31.50 inch (80.01 cm)
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