Spode Footbath
Spode Footbath
Spode Footbath
Spode Footbath
Spode Footbath
Spode Footbath

Spode Footbath

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A Spode footbath decorated in the "Lange Lijsen" pattern. The pattern shows a Blue and White garden scene in the chinoiserie style with a young mother and her son. She holds a bouquet of flowers, he is playing. In the background we see a willow tree and a bridge. One of the charming details of this footbath is the geometric design on the handle contrasting with the naturalistic scene on the body. Today a footbath would be used as a planter, either on a terrace or indoors. Set in a fireplace a footbath can be used to hold wood, or holly branches during Christmas. Dimensions: 18" x 12" x 8" tall Condition: Excellent Price: $5400 History of Spode: Spode is one of the greatest names of the Industrial Revolution. Josiah Spode I was born in 1733 and after several years working for other local potters, established his own company in 1776. Like his neighbor and friend Josiah Wedgwood, Spode concentrated on the production of ceramic wares of the finest quality in a variety of bodies. He is particularly recognised as having developed the technique for underglaze transfer printing on earthenware circa 1784. One of the patterns Josiah Spode produced was the first printed “Willow” pattern 1784-90. In the 1790s he focused his attention on the manufacture of porcelain, introducing in 1796 a new type of porcelain which he called “Bone China”, because of the high proportion of calcined ox-bone in its formula. Josiah Spode II continued the business for the next thirty years. In the early 19th century, considered by many to be the “Golden Age” of English ceramics the company grew to be the largest pottery in Stoke and a pre-eminent manufacturer of fine ceramics of every kind. Josiah Spode II was appointed “Potter to the Prince of Wales” when the Prince Regent visited the factory in 1806.
Height 8.00 inch (20.32 cm)
Width 12.25 inch (31.11 cm)
Depth 18.50 inch (46.99 cm)
External Height 8.00 inch (20.32 cm)
External Width 12.25 inch (31.11 cm)
External Depth 18.50 inch (46.99 cm)
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