Sri Lankan Fan Handle
Sri Lankan Fan Handle
Sri Lankan Fan Handle

Sri Lankan Fan Handle

1700 to 1800 Sri Lanka

Offered by Finch & Co

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A Large Sri Lankan Fan Handle
Turned from a single piece of ivory and carved with Sinhalese floral arabesques and incised dot and circle decoration all stained with a red pigment
Kandy period 18th Century

Size: 34cm long – 13½ ins long
During the 17th and 18th centuries Sri Lanka was an important producer of luxury wares and was known for the skill of its goldsmiths and ivory workers who formed themselves into guilds or castes. These guilds represented the higher social divisions of Kandian craftsmen and as well as gold and silversmiths, ivory and wood workers, included architects, painters and brass repoussers. They were called 'galladdo' whilst the lower caste of 'vaduvo' consisted of ordinary carpenters, blacksmiths, damascener’s and ironworkers.
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