The Party
The Party

The Party

1968 United States

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Original artwork (gouache on board) by Jack Davis.
This Artwork was used to create the US 41 x 27 inch Style B Film poster used throughout American cinemas in 1968.

The Part y is built around the classic premise of the fish out of water;
by accident, a clumsy Indian film extra is invited to an exclusive Hollywood party, and comedy ensues as he fails to conform to the event’s social norms. Director Blake Edwards mimics with his camera the slow, meandering movement peculiar to parties, trailing Peter Sellers as he blunders his way across the packed premises. According to the film historian Saul Austerlitz,
The Party is ‘purposefully lacking a director’s guiding eye: look here, look there.
The screen is crammed full of activity, and the audience’s eyes are left to
wander where they may.’
In his original artwork for the theatrical release poster, Jack Davis takes this idea and runs with it; like the screen, his page is full of frolicking caricatures,
merrily engaged in the business of embarrassing themselves. With relish, Davis pokes fun at the party-goers’ vanity and decadence. The film itself can be understood as a gentle self-parody; Hollywood, after all, is a world of which the filmmakers themselves are a part.
Davis’s drawing is part of a small but distinguished body of poster artwork by the prominent American cartoonist. Davis is best known for his work as an artist and character designer for the comic book publisher Entertaining Comics, but was also active in magazine illustration and various forms of advertising. His poster for The Party brilliantly showcases his
wild, free-wheeling style and in particular his penchant for unruly crowds.
Excellent. This Artwork has been Framed by John Jones, London's leading framer. The piece has been framed with Museum Glass.
Height 46.00 cm (18.11 inches)
Width 58.00 cm (22.83 inches)
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