The Recital
Antique French 19th Century scotia frame with laurel and ribbon mouldings, original gilding
Excellent condition
Although in some respects a very international artist, Ludovici worked and exhibited mainly in London; he observed the streets and parks there, especially at the height of the Season, and produced numbers of small panels with studies of fashionable London life. These relied on a visual shorthand which he had developed in order to record passing effects as swiftly as possible. The best of his work is in these very fresh and often rapidly-painted studies, which combine an articulation of space learned from Degas and Caillebotte with a sense of colour harmony derived from Whistler. Such techniques fed into his other subjects, so that the costume paintings in which he followed his father, Albert Ludovici senior, vary from highly-finished images of social gatherings and courting couples in pseudo-18th century guise (similar to those of Marcus Stone), to this present charming depiction of a period concert, which combines a Regency interior, Impressionist brushwork and composition, and the colour aesthetics of Whistler.
Height 30.50 cm (12.01 inches)
Width 45.70 cm (17.99 inches)
External Height 48.60 cm (19.13 inches)
External Width 64.80 cm (25.51 inches)
Oil on canvas
'A. Ludovici'
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