Three Turkish Ottoman Sherbet Spoons

Three Turkish Ottoman Sherbet Spoons

1800 to 1900 Turkey

Offered by Finch & Co

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Three Turkish Ottoman Sherbet Spoons
Early 19th Century

Size: 24cm long, 22.5cm long and 24.5cm long
9½ ins long, 8¾ ins long and 9¾ ins long
See Finch & Co catalogue no. 13, item no. 34, for a collection of Ottoman Sherbet Spoons

A. A Spoon with Carved Walrus Ivory Bowl with a Silver, Black Enamel and Brass Inlaid Coral Stem

B. An Unusual Sherbet Spoon the Stem and Bowl Both Carved of Walrus Ivory

C. A Spoon with a Pointed Tortoiseshell Bowl with A Green Stained Ivory and
Brass Inlaid ivory Stem with a Coral Finial.
These exotic and luxurious spoons were used at table in the Topkapi palace to help oneself from a communal dish of ‘hosaf’, a sort of wet fruit stew, the nearer side of the spoon being used for eating or sipping and the far side for helping oneself. Although knives were employed for cutting up meat, the use of forks was a Western European Practice and the use of spoons such as these at table was frowned upon by strictly orthodox Muslims who held that the prophet found his right hand quite adequate as a tool for eating.
Coral, brass, walrus and ivory
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