Turned Candlesticks Made from Petrified Wood

Turned Candlesticks Made from Petrified Wood

1800 to 1900 England

Offered by Finch & Co

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An Unusual Pair of Turned Candlesticks Made from Petrified Wood
Circa 1850

Size: 23cm high, 11.5cm dia (base) – 9 ins high, 4½ ins dia. (base)
See: Finch and Co catalogue no. 9, item no. 70, for another pair
Mudstones and shales, particularly where they are associated with coal deposits, are good locations for finding fossils of plant parts. Coal miners therefore would sometimes find fossil deposits whilst mining an underground seam of coal.
Petrified wood usually dates from the late Triassic (193 million years ago) and the original plant material has been completely replaced by minerals. This process which, cell by cell proceeds very slowly is known as petrification. Whole forests have been found preserved in this way in Wyoming and Arizona in the U.S.A.
Petrified Wood
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