Two New Zealand Maori Jade Ear Pendants 'Kuru'

Two New Zealand Maori Jade Ear Pendants 'Kuru'

1800 to 1900 New Zealand ( Maori )

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Two New Zealand Maori Jade Ear Pendants ‘Kuru’
Carved from ‘totoweka’ or ‘blood of weka bird’ jade
19th Century

Size : 13.5 cm long – 5¼ ins long and 12cm long – 4¾ ins respectively
These beautiful nephrite ear pendants were worn by both men and women, usually in one ear only. Maori treasures, including ornaments, as well as weapons, houses and canoes had their own personal name. A connection was thereby maintained with the revered ancestors who had created or owned them. Named treasures are known as 'Taonga' and are remembered in songs and legends even long after they have been lost.
Height 13.50 cm (5.31 inches)
nephrite ( Jade )
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