Two Polynesian Society Islands Fishing Lure Hooks

Two Polynesian Society Islands Fishing Lure Hooks

1800 to 1900 Polynesian, Society Islands

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Two Polynesian Society Islands Fishing Lure Hooks
A. A Society Islands one piece fishing lure hook. A single curve of carved pearl shell, dark on one side with a small lateral shank lug for a snood
B. A Society Islands composite fishing lure hook with a pearl shell shank and carved bone point pierced once, twisted fibre binding and snood with the remains of a double hackle
19th Century

Size: 3.5cm long – 1½ ins long (min.)
The canoes used for fishing in the Society Islands were usually small dugouts with an outrigger for stability. Fish was the staple protein of the islands and many different species were caught with Bonito being the favourite. These were caught with lure hooks used with a rod and drawn swiftly along the surface of the water. The curved one-piece pearl shell lures were not baited, but cut to resemble a worm and these were used to catch smaller fish in the lagoons and streams.
Shell and Tortoiseshell and twine
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