Wall Map 'The Beaver Map' by H.A.Chatelain
Wall Map 'The Beaver Map' by H.A.Chatelain
Wall Map 'The Beaver Map' by H.A.Chatelain
Wall Map 'The Beaver Map' by H.A.Chatelain
Wall Map 'The Beaver Map' by H.A.Chatelain
Wall Map 'The Beaver Map' by H.A.Chatelain


Wall Map 'The Beaver Map' by H.A.Chatelain

1719 Netherlands

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H.A. Chatelain was an engraver and publisher in Amsterdam. Between 1705 and 1720, he published the widely acclaimed 'Atlas Historique...', a seven volume encyclopedia with geography as one of its main topics. In volume VI, published in 1719, is one of the most beautifully engraved and highly decorative maps of the Western hemisphere: 'Carte tres curieuse de la mer du sud, contenant des remarques nouvelles et tres utiles … Le tout pour l’intelligence Des Dissertations suivantes' {Map of the South Sea, that demands great attention, containing new and most useful remarks … All for the comprehension of the following dissertations}. It covers the area between the Philippines and the Western Coast of Africa, showing the entire American continent with California as an island.

This wall-sized map is considered one of the most sought after and collectable maps not only because of the depiction of an insular California, its wealth of cartographic details but also because of the elaborate decoration: there are plenty of vignettes showing the customs and life-styles of indigenous American people, human sacrifices, a variety of indigenous animals and plants; plantation and harvesting of food plants; trading as well as a very charming display of Canadian beavers building a dam at Niagara Falls which gave the map its by-name 'The Beaver Map'! Apart from the illustrations, there are plenty of explanatory descriptions in French within the map.

The map has been printed on four separate sheets which have been joined together. The impression is very dark and precise. Cut to the platemark on left, top and right hand margin (not unusual for a map of this size; it has no negative impact on its value!). Excellent condition! Unframed.
Height 82.00 cm (32.28 inches)
Width 142.00 cm (55.91 inches)
copper-engraved map with modern hand colouring.

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