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Three Late 18th Century Portraits
Three late 18th century, oval portraits, depicting young brothers.
Timothy Langston Fine Art & Antiques
Pair of Late 17th Century Over Lifesize Carved White Marble Busts
An Impressive Pair of Late 17th Century Over Lifesize Carved White Marble Busts of Mars and Minerva, Northern European on Veined Socles Dating t...
Talisman London
JACQUES DE CLAEUW (Dordrecht 1623-Leiden 1694) A Gathering of Dogs in a Landscap...
A large gathering of animated dogs of varying breeds in a landscape. C. 1670. Oil on canvas, in a Dutch style ebonised frame. Jacques de Clae...
Isherwood Fine Art Ltd
MARY BEALE (1633-1699)
Mary Beale self-portrait
Newly discovered self-portrait of the artist Mary Beale (Suffolk 1633-1699 London), half-length set within an oval stone cartouche with decorative ...
Isherwood Fine Art Ltd
PIETER NASON (1612-c.1690)
Portrait of a Lady in Red with Pearls
Portrait of a lady, half-length in a feigned oval wearing a ruby coloured dress holding twisted pearls across her bodice. Signed 'PNason' and dated...
Isherwood Fine Art Ltd
19th Century Oil On Canvas Antique Dutch Painting Landscape With Characters And ...
19th century Dutch painting. Framework oil on canvas depicting landscape with characters and mill of excellent pictorial quality. 20th-century wood...
GEORGE PAICE (1854-1925)
'Shancrotha' Oil Painting
"Shancrotha" by George Paice. Shancrotha was winner of the Manchester cup. George Paice 1854-1922 was a popular Croydon painter of equestrian subje...
Walton House Antiques
'Full Cry' by M Evans
"Full Cry" by M Evans. M Evans flourished around the turn of the century 1890-1910 well executed hunting view. Newcastle and Lynmouth museum. Oil o...
Walton House Antiques
'Fishing Boats in Choppy Seas' by Samuel Calvert
"Fishing Boats in Choppy Seas" by Samuel Calvert. Samuel Calvert 1828-1913 was a painter of coastal maritime subjects works in the Laing Art Galler...
Walton House Antiques
'Fishing Boats in Calm Sea' by Edward Littlewood
"Fishing Boats in Calm Sea" by Edward Littlewood. Edward Littlewood 1836-1904 was a Lowestoft born painter of East Anglican coastal scenes. Exhibit...
Walton House Antiques
Fine oil on Panel By H Herkomer.
Very nicely detailed Portrait of a 17th Century Gentleman by Herman Herkomer (1849-1913) Oil on Mahogany Panel, signed and dated.
Garners Fine Art & Antiques
20th Century Italian Oil Painting Mountain Landscape with Frame
Beautiful Italian Mountain landscape. Oil on cardboard made in the early decades of the 20th century. Including of frame. DIMENSIONS H 18.9 in. x...
Mobili del Passato SRL
20th Century Oil Painting on Canvas Winter Landscape
Beautiful winter landscape with snow. Oil on canvas made in the early decades of the 20th century. Including of frame. DIMENSIONS H 20.48 in. x W...
Mobili del Passato SRL
GERARD LANSCROON (c.1655-1737)
Elizabeth Hanford
Framed oil on canvas
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Cider House Galleries Ltd
Large Oil Painting Liverpool Docks After John Atkinson Grimshaw 1836-1893
A nice painting faithfully depicting the style of this famous British artist whose moonlight scenes are world famous. In this case it is the lights...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Exceptional Pair of Marble Busts of Pauline Bonaparte & General Charles Leclerc ...
A pair of carved marble portrait busts depicting Pauline Bonaparte and General Charles Leclerc in classical dress, each supported on a turned socle...
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Anthony Outred Ltd
Two Orientalist gilt and patinated bronze sculptures after Bergman
These beautiful sculptures were crafted in Austria in the early 20th Century. They are signed, ‘Nam Greb’, after the famous ‘Bergman’ Vienn...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Black Forest Horned Owl
A Black Forest Tobacco Pot of a Horned Owl Firmly Attributed to Arnold Ruef of Brienz Naturalistically and anatomically accurately carved in Lin...
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19th Century Italian Oil Painting on Canvas Portrait of a Rich Family
Refined oil painting on canvas from an important collection of portraits. Portrait of a Rich Italian Family artist not identified. Excellent pictor...
Mobili del Passato SRL
19th Century Lithograph, Print Madonna with Jesus Child
Beautiful religious collectible lithograph print. It represents an image of Madonna with Child, circa 1880s with wooden frame. Beautiful very sweet...
Mobili del Passato SRL
A portrait miniature of an officer of the 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment of ...
Wearing red uniform with gold epaulettes and tartan sash Set in the original frame the reverse with small oval aperture to reveal locks of hair wi...
Ellison Fine Art
FREDERICK BUCK (1771-c.1839)
A portrait miniature of an Officer of the 113th Regiment of Foot (1794) , waterc...
Wearing a red uniform with blue trimmed gold piping and gold epaulette, black stock and frilled white cravat, white shoulder belt with gilt centred...
Ellison Fine Art
Tranquillo Cremona 19th Century Oil on Canvas Italian Portrait Painting, 1860
Antique Italian painting from the mid-19th century. Framework depicting a portrait of a girl, for antique dealers and collectors, with a monogram a...
19th Century Life size bronze pheasant, by Alfred Dubucand.
A very good quality 19th Century patinated bronze study of a life size pheasant.
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
ROBERT FARBER (born 1944)
Photograph of a woman leaning backwards with her eyes closed. Edition of 25
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Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
ROBERT FARBER (born 1944)
Black & white photograph of a woman's torso. Edition of 25
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Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
JIM RENNERT (born 1958)
Win Win
Two business men shaking hands. Edition of 10
Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
ROBERT FARBER (born 1944)
The deterioration of the transparencies is the result of the film's chemical reaction from decades of sitting in non-archival plastic sleeves. Othe...
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Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
HARRY BENSON (born 1929)
Ali Float Like a Butterfly, Miami
Photograph of Muhammed Ali with his famous quote, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see." Editi...
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Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
BRUNO LUCCHESI (born 1926)
Saint Mark's Theater
Sculpture of people waiting in line for Saint Mark's Theater.
Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
STEVE MCCURRY (born 1950)
Easter Penitents Procession, Sicily, Italy
A young girl during the Easter Penitents Procession in Sicily, Italy. Edition of 30 Additional sizes available.
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Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
MAARTEN PLATJE (born 1967)
Last of the Great East India Fleet (Clipper Ship Mindoro)
The Mindoro was launched in 1864. Built at Boston for Silsbee, Pickman & Allen of Salem. She was the last of the great East India fleet, which, for...
Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
MAARTEN PLATJE (born 1967)
Encounter on the North Atlantic
This painting symbolizes the most significant development in the history of shipping. From the earliest times men went out to sea for fishing, comm...
Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
JIM RENNERT (born 1958)
Sculpture of a businessman stacking boxes to create a framework. Edition of 9
Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
JIM RENNERT (born 1958)
Time Out
Sculpture of a businessman relaxing with his legs up. Edition of 9
Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
JIM RENNERT (born 1958)
High Stakes
Men in business suits sit around a table. Edition of 10. Additional sizes available.
Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
RUTH ORKIN (1921-1985)
American Girl in Italy
An American woman walking by Italian men staring and surrounding her. Edition of 15
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Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
Allegory of the Liberal Arts Giandomenico Cignaroli
Painting oil on canvas with dimensions of 68 x 92 cm without frame and 88 x 112 cm with frame depicting the allegory of liberal arts painting, scul...
Riccardo Moneghini
WOLF KAHN (born 1927)
Red Diagonal
Abstract view of a forest
Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
LARRY ZOX (1937-2006)
Rotation Series
Abstract painting by Larry Zox
Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
Allegory of the Liberal Arts Giandomenico Cignaroli
Painting oil on canvas with dimensions of 68 x 92 cm without frame and 88 x 112 cm with frame depicting the allegory of liberal arts with geometry...
Riccardo Moneghini
In Flight
John Alexander Harrington Bird 1846 - 1936 In Flight Watercolour and bodycolour, signed and dated 1901 Image size: 30 ¾ x 19 ¾ inches...
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Darnley Fine Art
20th Century Oil on Canvas French Impressionist Landscape Painting, 1920
French painting from early 20th century. Oil painting on canvas depicting Impressionist style landscape of good brightness and pictorial quality. F...
Flocklones, Perthshire
JAMES MCINTOSH PATRICK British 1907 - 1998 FLOCKLONES, Perthshire Oil on Canvas, signed lower right Image Size: 24 x 20 inches (61 cm x 51 cm)
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Darnley Fine Art
Antique Oil Painting Stag by Edward Henry Windred Signed and Dated 1915
This is a beautiful large antique oil on canvas painting of a stag by Edward Henry Windred (1875-1953), signed and dated 1915, lower left. The p...
Regent Antiques
ANNA AIRY (1882-1964)
Anna Airy studied at the Slade under Henry Tonks, Fred Brown and Philip Wilson Steer winning the Melville Nettleship Prize several times, the Slade...
Sarah Colegrave
'La Nature Se Dévoilant Devant La Science' - A Bronze Figure
A Bronze Figure of 'La Nature se dévoilant devant la Science' by Louis-Ernest Barrias. This alluring bronze figure is a finely cast example of...
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Adrian Alan
Mid 20th Century Continental School Egyptian Scene Oil On Canvas
A large and highly decorative mid 20th century oil on canvas depicting Tutankhamen and his wife Ankhesnamun. This is a depiction of the rear panel ...
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Wakelin & Linfield