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Anglo-Chinese Miniature Oil on Ivory Depicting a View of the Whampoa Anchorage i...
An Interesting Anglo-Chinese Miniature Oil on Ivory Depicting a View of the Whampoa Anchorage in the Pearl River Estuary with European Ships Waitin...
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Finch & Co
A portrait miniature of a Gentleman
Vaslet was an English portrait painter. His most common works were small or miniature oval pastels in the style of the Irish painter Hugh Douglas H...
Ellison Fine Art
Indian Oval Miniature
Finely executed miniature on ivory of the procession with the participation of Emperor Akbar 11. The original gilt metal frame has a hanging loop t...
Sally Turner Antiques
A 17th century portrait miniature of an unknown Gentleman painted in oil
With piercing blue eyes, light brown receding hair, moustache and beard He wears a black double with white lawn collar trimmed with lace, the back...
Ellison Fine Art
A 17th century miniature of a Nobleman
Wearing an embroidered mauve day-gown and white lace cravat set in later silver frame backed with mother of pearl Daniel (or David) Myers work...
Ellison Fine Art
A portrait miniature of a Gentleman wearing spectacles
The sitter wears a blue coat, the collar trimmed with white embroidery and silver buttons, he is depicted wearing spectacles (which is unusual in t...
Ellison Fine Art
EDWARD BURCH (1730-1814)
A 19th century portrait miniature of an unknown girl
Wearing white dress with large blue ribbon sash Set in a gold coloured frame, the reverse with plaited hair embellished with four stars - possibly...
Ellison Fine Art
Antique Miniature of Hebe.
Beautifully painted miniature on ivory of Hebe mounted in a high carat gold frame set as a brooch. This is similar to the miniature of Miss Mary Me...
Sally Turner Antiques
THOMAS FRYE (c.1710-1762)
A Georgian portrait miniature of a gentleman wearing red coat with green collar
Thomas Frye an artist of remarkable talent was a portrait painter in oils, crayon black lead, enamel miniature and ivory. After inventing a formul...
Ellison Fine Art
Russian School Portrait Child by Anatoly Leonidovich Nasedkin 1924-1994
A lovely oil portrait on board, presented within its original glazed good quality wood frame Signed and dated 1948 lower right,inscribed on the re...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
A portrait miniature of a courtier, painted on vellum, circa 1605
the blue background with gold border, set in the lid of a box Laurence, the son of the limner Nicholas Hillard, began his apprenticeship circa ...
Ellison Fine Art
PETER OLIVER (c.1594-1647)
A portrait miniature of Lady Sarah Hastings (nee Harrington) (1566-1629) in mou...
Set in turned pear wood frame Sarah Harington was the daughter of Sir James Harington and Lucy Sydney. She married, aged 20 in 1586,Francis Ha...
Ellison Fine Art
19th Century Inlaid Wood with Miniature Painting Table Clock Pendule
Rare and fine quality table clock pendule. The clock is made of painted wood. On the front above a precious inlay with pearl. In the lower part a h...
Mobili del Passato SRL
A portrait miniature Gentleman, South German, 17th century
A gentleman in silver-studded armour, full bottomed powdered wig oil on copper, gilt-metal mounts ovals (72 mm.) high
Bernardo Antichità
JAMES NIXON ARA (c.1741-1812)
A fine portrait miniature of Robert Hunter, as a boy, later advocate of Edinburg...
Robert with brown hair, wearing a red jacket with gold buttons and white chemise with lace falling collar set in gold frame, the reverse with vari...
Ellison Fine Art
Antique Portrait Miniature.
French Nineteenth century miniature of a lady signed Crevé in original gilded frame with hanging loop to the top of the frame.
Sally Turner Antiques
An early 20th century miniature portrait of lady
The artist Ellie (Elizabeth) was born into a Jewish family in Brunn (?) Bohemia (now  Brno, Czech Republic) and was active as a miniaturist in Vie...
Ellison Fine Art
Early 20th century miniature portrait of Eleanor Palmer self portrait with her ...
Inscribed on the reverse Mrs. Eleanor Palmer, RMS (scratched out) /The Lymes, Priory Road, Bowden/ "Winnie" daughter of Dr. Surridge (the latter fo...
Ellison Fine Art
Henry Bone Enamel Miniature Plaque Painting – Jupiter & Io
Henry Bone Enamel Miniature Plaque of Jupiter And Io after Correggio By Henry Bone, R.A. (1755 – 1834) Signed, dated and inscribed on the back ...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
20th Century portrait miniature of Sir Herbert Atkinson Barker, by Mildred Ling...
gilt-metal mount with leather backing Sir Herbert Atkinson Barker (1869-1950) was the most famous British osteopath and manipulator. As a bones...
Ellison Fine Art
A set of 19th century portrait miniatures of the Browne family of Stainsby, incl...
all set into red leather travelling cases with gilt-metal mounts Mr. G.H. Browne was the proprietor of the Princes Theatre, Manchester, he died ...
Ellison Fine Art
ABRAHAM DANIEL (1760-1806)
18th century portrait miniature of Eleanor Sutton, aged 5, painted in watercolou...
wearing a white bonnet tied with blue ribbons and white dress with matching blue ribbon around her waist set in diamond frame, the reverse engrave...
Ellison Fine Art
Walter Harrowing Large Original Oil Painting Horse Portrait
‘Bay Horse in a stable interior’ Walter Harrowing - 1844-1904 A fine example by this well known artist who specialised mainly in horses, bu...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
NICHOLAS DIXON (c.1645-c.1708)
A 17th century portrait miniature of Sir Henry Blount (1602-1682) painted on ve...
, painted on vellum, in later gilt-metal frame the reverse erroneously inscribed Judge Jeffreys There is another version of this portrait by Di...
Ellison Fine Art
Antique Miniature on Ivory.
Miniature watercolour on Ivory of young woman set in an enamel and gold frame. On the reverse is a pen and ink drawing showing a cherub holding a p...
Sally Turner Antiques
Miniature on Ivory of an Aristocrat.
Watercolour on Ivory of an Aristocrat wearing cravat a blue frock coat and ermin edged red cape. Set in heavy gold frame with mother of pearl back ...
Sally Turner Antiques
The Rev. Dr George Hickes, Titular Bishop of Thetford (1642-1715)
On vellum, set in the original silver gilt frame The Bishop of Thetford is an episcopal title which takes its name after the market town of Thet...
Ellison Fine Art
Portrait Miniature Pendant with Gold Frame, Late 18th Century
The pendant holding a late 18th century portrait miniature of a gentleman, mounted in gold, length 5,3cm
Bernardo Antichità
C19th Continental Miniature.
C19th Miniature on Ivory in the original gold plated brooch frame.
Sally Turner Antiques
Antique Oval Portrait Miniature.
C19th Portrait Miniature on ivory of a young woman wearing an embroidered shawl. Monogrammed F H bottom right hand corner. Set in original ebony fr...
Sally Turner Antiques
Antique Portrait Miniature.
Edwardian Miniature on ivory of a fine young woman wearing pearl earrings and a diamond star pendant. Set in a gilt metal frame with loop and a vel...
Sally Turner Antiques
Madonna and Child Madonna Plaque.
KPM type porcelain plaque hand painted with Madonna and Child set in a continental silver frame with silver loop.
Sally Turner Antiques
Reginald Grenville Eves RA 1876-1941 Portrait Oil Painting
A well executed portrait of a seated professional gentleman, quite possibly a lawyer or banker. One can imagine it hanging in the boardroom of an o...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
John Grimston, 6th Earl of Verulam Miniature.
Large Portrait Miniature on ivorine of the 6th Earl of Verulam 1912-1873 in original gilt frame with loop to top and velvet back. Signed in the bot...
Sally Turner Antiques
19th Century Painting Portrait Miniature Beautiful Young Lady Signed
She is wearing a formal day dress with lace bodice and blue shawl. Her hair is gathered up in a plait. Presented within a yellow meal frame on its...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
James Francis Edward, Prince of Wales (1688-1766) - the Old Pretender, in armour...
ames was the son of King James II and his second wife Mary of Modena. His Catholic father was deposed in the Glorious Revolution of 1688 only month...
Ellison Fine Art
Continental School Oil Painting Portrait of a Lady Signed
Probably Dutch, she is wearing a traditional day dress, her hands clasped in front of her, standing in a woodland setting. Indistinct signature low...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Victorian Figural Watercolour Painting Portrait Children c1855
A most charming scene of a young Boy and Girl dressed in typical everyday clothing of the mid 19th Century. They are in a countryside setting with ...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Norfolk Oil Painting Gypsies Horses by Geoffrey Mortimer 1895-1986
This scene was painted in the 1930’s, this being one of his earlier works where the colours are stronger and brighter. Two Gypsies riding bare ba...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
18th 19th Century Oil Figural Portrait Painting Three Dancing Maidens Manner of ...
Three dancing maidens in classical dress with garlands of flowers. I lovely painting ready to grace any fine collection. Overall Size H66cm ...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Impressionist Painting Jewish Figural Artist Young Lady Looking into a Mirror by...
A classic example by this much talented Jewish artist. A round faced young lady, seated before an oval mirror, wearing a blue dress within a most c...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
GEORGE PLACE (c.1760-1810)
A large portrait miniature of an unknown Gentleman
Wearing brown coat and white stock Set in the original gold frame the reverse with blue glass, inscribed on the reverse P Gastor Place After pr...
Ellison Fine Art
A portrait miniature, possibly Richard Coote, 1st Earl of Bellomont and 12th Gov...
wearing a dark coat with a fine white lace collar, and long blond full-bottomed wig painted in oil on card, set in the original gold frame with ...
Ellison Fine Art
Antique Portrait Miniature
C18th Portrait on ivory of a fine lady set in an oval gold frame. The top frame loop is not gold.
Sally Turner Antiques
NICHOLAS DIXON (c.1645-c.1708)
A portrait miniature of an unknown Gentleman
Wearing a blue sash over an ochre doublet , gilt-metal frame with pierced spiral cresting Although not seemingly signed the almond shaped eyes ...
Ellison Fine Art
A portrait miniature of an unknown Courtier
a gold order is suspended from a gold chain around his neck, he wears a gold mounted ruby on his index finger The red background is inscribed in g...
Ellison Fine Art
An enamel portrait miniature of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. (15 August 1771 - 21 Sep...
wearing a green coat, yellow waistcoat and black stock set in the original fine chased ormolu frame within outer glazed wooden frame with velvet ...
Ellison Fine Art
Portrait miniature after Boucher's portrait of Madame de Pompadour
This fine, antique portrait miniature was made after Boucher's famous painting of Madame de Pompadour, the highly celebrated official mistress of K...
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