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Portrait of Ivan Fyodorovich Paskevich
Miniature portrait, framed, 6.1cm by 5.2cm, overall 7.3cm by 6.4cm Ivan Fyodorovich Paskevich (Ива́н Фёдорович Паске́ви...
Fabian Stein & Co. Ltd.
Antique Miniature Portrait Brooch.
Beautifully painted Miniature on ivory of a young man framed in gold and worn as a brooch.
Sally Turner Antiques
Antique Miniature of Hebe.
Beautifully painted miniature on ivory of Hebe mounted in a high carat gold frame set as a brooch. This is similar to the miniature of Miss Mary Me...
Sally Turner Antiques
19th Century Oil Painting Figures and Horses
A nice scene depicting a man on his horse, basket in arm, on his return from the village in the background. He is talking to another man, standing ...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
19th Century Oil Painting Portrait by John Wells Smith Young Boy Interior
A lovely portrait of a Fresh faced young boy who is getting ready to go off to work, carrying his coat and boots. This is a classic example of John...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Antique Miniature.
Pencil ink and chalk Miniature of a Lady with lace cap. original laquer frame with acorn and vine leaf appliqué ring.
Sally Turner Antiques
19th Century Large Figural Oil Portrait Girl 'Capri' Signed M Thomas
A charming Mediterranean portrait of an attractive young girl in traditional dress, carrying a large vessel which could contain wine or water. Sh...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Early 19th Century Oil Painting Horse Donkey Portrait Architectural Landscape
This fine quality oil painting depicts a grey horse, drinking from an old stone trough, the donkey looks on as a dog shares the water. A young boy ...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
An unknown General
wearing an embroidred doublet with lion's heads on the shoulder, white chemise cut to reveal blue silk, lace collar with secured with blue ribbon ...
Ellison Fine Art
THOMAS FLATMAN (1635-1688)
An unknown Clergyman
Wearing a black doublet, and fine white lace lawn collar, full-bottomed wig, cave and sky background set in the original frame with spiral crestin...
Ellison Fine Art
Portrait of Tsar Alexander I in the original ormolu frame, by Bossi, circa 1805
Oval miniature portrait of Alexander I, by Domenico Bossi, painted on ivory. In a heavy, square ormolu frame of exceptional quality with suspension...
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Fabian Stein & Co. Ltd.
A young Nobleman with moustache and beard
Wearing black doublet with white lawn collar which has fine lace tassels oil on copper, in silver frame with pierced spiral cresting Little is...
Ellison Fine Art
19th Century Oil Painting Portrait Beautiful Young Lady
A most charming portrait of a beautiful girl around the age of 18. She is wearing a formal velvet day dress with lace cuffs, a low neckline trimmed...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
A young Lady, possibly Spanish School, circa 1650
She wears a blue dress, pearl necklace and blue ribbon in her brown hair dressed in ringlets Set in a gilt-metal frame with rope twist border
Ellison Fine Art
A portrait miniature of a Noble Lady
Wearing a blue dress with white underslip and blue veil in her hair set in the original frame with pierced spiral cresting Richter was born in...
Ellison Fine Art
Vintage Russian School Oil Painting Fairground Scene
Lots of figures in 19th Century dress, enjoying the fun of the fair. The merry go round with its horses whisking people round at great speed. A bal...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
NICHOLAS DIXON (died 1708)
An unknown Nobleman
wearing a beige cloak under a black cloak ,white lace jabot tied with black ribbon, long blond full-bottomed wig set in the original frame with pi...
Ellison Fine Art
ELIAS BRENNER (1647-1717)
A Portrait of an unknown Nobleman
Wearing grey robe and tied white jabot, full - bottomed powdered wig gouache on vellum, in original gilt-metal bracelet slide frame with later bro...
Ellison Fine Art
A pair of miniature paintings on ivory
Each featuring 17th Century Dutch genre scenes and signed to the lower corner; housed in gilt frames with ribbon detailing Frame height 15.2cm, w...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Portrait of Duke Ferdinand Friedrich August von Württemberg, brother of Empress ...
Duke Ferdinand Friedrich is shown in a dark coat, wearing on a ribbon around his neck the portrait of Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor, set in diamon...
Fabian Stein & Co. Ltd.
HENRY EDRIDGE A.R.A (1768-1821)
Nelly O'Brien after Sir Joshua Reynolds
She wears a low-cut ivory dress that exposes a good deal of her fine white neck and bosom. She is shown sitting in a garden, next to a carved relie...
Ellison Fine Art
Portrait miniature of Elizabeth Alexeevna, Empress of Russia and consort of Alex...
Empress Elizabeth Alexeyevna is shown wearing the blue sash and the badge of the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called. In a paste-set s...
Fabian Stein & Co. Ltd.
RICHARD GIBSON (1615-1690)
An unknown General
Wearing armour, white jabot secured in a bow, and gold edged red coloured sash full-bottomed blond wig and moustache set into later rectangular b...
Ellison Fine Art
A Gentleman formerly thought to be Cardinal Mazarin (1602-1661), Continental Sch...
He wears a rich royal striped blue robe, white lawn collar secured with lace in a bow under the chin and a black skull cap, grey/light brown mousta...
Ellison Fine Art
Enamel Miniature Painting
Herbert Cummings Simpson. A small enamel Portrait in a modern gilt frame, circa 1855, the back of the image enamelled 'H...
Peter Cameron
Antique Georgian Ivory Minature
George III gold-framed miniature on ivory of a young girl with a row of pearls in her hair. Initials of MB are found of the miniaturist in the righ...
Sally Turner Antiques
Georgian Miniature of a Naval Officer
Very fine reverse painting on convex glass within a gilt, verre eglomisé border. Sitter facing sinister, the officer wearing a powdered pigtail, e...
Duncan J. Baggott
A fine portrait of a Gentleman
Wearing black robes and white lawn collar, long brown hair falling around his shoulder, sky and cave backgroung Set in the original gold frame wi...
Ellison Fine Art
Miniature Portrait of a Regency Gentleman
Painted on ivory in a gilt oval frame. Inscribed: Mr. John Dent, Solicitor and County Coroner. John Dent (1782-1830) from Stone, Staffordshire, was...
Duncan J. Baggott
Spanish c1660
A portrait miniature of a lady with long dark curling hair and almond shaped eyes. She is wearing a dress with a pink bodice edged with a deep lay...
Cynthia Walmsley
Antique Victorian 9 ct Yellow Gold Miniature Portrait Pendant
This exceptional, fine and impressive antique pendant has been crafted in 9 ct yellow gold. The pendant displays a hand painted miniature depict...
AC Silver
JOHN ALEXANDER (1686-c.1766)
An Unknown noble Lady, possibly Isobel Innes, the wife of the artist
She wears a low cut white dress, red shawl and blue veil set in gilt-metal mount. John Alexander, son of an Aberdeen doctor, was the great-gra...
Ellison Fine Art
JOHN DOWNMAN ARA (1750-1824)
A small portrait of Captain Drake in military dress
inscribed "Capt Drake" on the reverse, set in its original gilt composition frame Captain Drake is in the uniform of the 4th Dragoons. Downm...
Ellison Fine Art
Flemish c1660
A portrait miniature of a gentleman wearing a long wig. He is wearing a brown cloak and a lace jabot. Oil on copper in an oval brass frame wi...
Cynthia Walmsley
English c1660
A portrait miniature of a young lady wearing a brown dress with low neckline edged in white lace and a string of South Sea Island pearls. Her long...
Cynthia Walmsley
Oval Miniature Portrait ‘The Auctioneer’
This charming naive portrait depicts the suited and top hatted auctioneer with his gavel raised. Gilt brass frame with pin to the back for wearing ...
Duncan J. Baggott
MARY BEALE (1633-1699)
A fabulous portrait of a Nobleman, believed to be Thomas Sydenham, the great phy...
in the original silver gilt frame with pierced spiral cresting, in the original red leather travelling case Mary Beale was the first professiona...
Ellison Fine Art
Regency Oval Miniature of a Lady
The portrait painted on card with blue dress with fine collar and black bandeau in the hair. Moulded frame. English, circa 1800 - 1830 Height 5...
Duncan J. Baggott
English c1830
A portrait miniature of a young fair haired boy with brown eyes. He is wearing a brown jacket, cream waistcoat and white chemise with a high collar...
Cynthia Walmsley
Watercolour Miniature on Ivory of an Officer
Probably from a Foot Guard regiment, the officer is wearing black stock, gold epaulettes and the black facings of his uniform, open at the top to d...
Duncan J. Baggott
English 18th century
A portrait miniature of Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) wearing gold studded armour with buff trim and white lawn collar with a lace border and lace ta...
Cynthia Walmsley
A young Gentleman
A young Gentleman in a landscape setting wearing a brown doublet slashed to reveal white, and white tied cravat oil and watercolour on card, set ...
Ellison Fine Art
A Pair of Medieval Style Miniature Pictures on Wood Panels
A pair of Medieval style miniature pictures on wood panels. One depicting a lady having her hair arranged and dressed with roses by her maid and...
Bushwood Antiques
PETER OLIVER (c.1594-1647)
A fine portrait of King Charles I (1600-1649)
King Charles I (1600-1649) in gilt studded armor, wearing white lace ruff and blue sash of the Order of the Garter in silver locket frame with tur...
Ellison Fine Art
E Fisher 1848
A portrait of a charming young child with dark hair with a centre parting and wearing a tartan dress with a low neckline and short sleeves. Wate...
Cynthia Walmsley