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Equestrian Statue of young Queen Victoria
An Equestrian Statue of the young Queen Victoria By Thomas Thornycroft Cast in bronze, with a dark brown patination by the Art Union of London; ...
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Excellent Pair of 19th C. Bronze Marley Horses
This fine pair of 19th c. Bronzes are after Guillaume Coustou (French, 1677-1746) Horse Tamer, from the "Chevaux de Marly" series, and are incised ...
John Nicholas Antiques Ltd
'3 Apline cows' by Willemien Fransen.
Bart Wouters Gallery
Ludwig Vordermayer (1868-1933) 'Roman warrior'
Foundry Gladenbeck Berlin
Bart Wouters Gallery
Contemporary Metal Horse Sculpture
Contemporary Metal Horse Sculpture. A wonderful metal sculpture by Sophie Thompson. Her creation is of a trotting horse, the movement of the mane ...
Manfred Schotten Antiques
'Puledro' 'Cavallino' Solid 800 ‰ Silver Sculpture, Francesco Messina 93/100
Lost wax casting made by "La Fonderia d'Arte Adriano Vallin" in Milan, limited edition of 100 pieces. Fully Hallmarked on the base with maker's mar...
Bertolami Fine Arts
LISSA BORKOWSKI (born c.1950)
'Pretty' (Single Foal)
Signed and inscribed. Number 4 of an edition of 10.
John Robertson Fine Paintings
LISSA BORKOWSKI (born c.1950)
Two Foals
Number 2 of an edition of 9. Signed and inscribed with edition number on back leg.
John Robertson Fine Paintings
‘A Horse with Character’ Bronze Sculpture
‘A Horse with Character’ By Arthur Jacques LeDuc (1848-1918) The excellently modelled sculpture is cast in a patinated bronze, and stands o...
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Pair of patinated bronze antique models of the Marly horses
After the model by Guillaume Coustou (French, 1677-1746). Each of a rearing horses restrained by a semi clad male attendant, on a naturalistic b...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Vienna Bronze Chestnut Stallion
A wonderful cold painted bronze sculpture of a chestnut stallion with tack. From the workshops of Bergaman (Franz Xaver Bergmann 1861–1936). Wi...
Napoleon on Horseback, Bronze Equestrian sculpture Signed A. Vibert, France, cir...
Green patinated bronze sculpture of Napoleon on horseback on a verde antico green marble base. Signed on the base of the bronze: A. Vibert. Alexan...
Serge Daelmans Antiques and Fine Art
A Chinese Pottery Model of a Prancing Horse, Tang Dynasty
The buff coloured horse modelled standing, with right foreleg raised, its head turned slightly to the left and it arching neck carved with a channe...
Gibson Antiques
Artist Horse Model
Rare Articulated Artist Horse on a wooden base.
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Herwig Simons
A fabulous mid 19th Century Animalier bronze cast from the artist's own workshop, this is a highly sought after bronze study of an Arab Stallion an...
Hickmet Fine Arts
A Russian cast iron figure of a cossack on horseback
The cossack in a seated position smoking a pipe
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
A Russian cast iron figure of a cossack on horseback
The cossack lifting his lover from the ground and embracing in a display of love and affection
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Rare Pearlware Horse
A dapple gray pearlware horse with a cropped tail, orange saddle blanket, and orange straps standing on a green glazed cut cornered and raised base...
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LISSA BORKOWSKI (born c.1950)
Galloping Horse
Patinated Bronze . No 3 of an edition of 10. Signed and numbered
John Robertson Fine Paintings
LISSA BORKOWSKI (born c.1950)
Cavallo Liscio ( The Smooth Horse)
Patinated bronze cast. Artist's Proof Copy. Subsequently issued in an edition of 7 casts.Signed
John Robertson Fine Paintings
JOHN MILLS (born 1933)
Study for 'John Jorrocks'
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John Adams Fine Art
Ivory Corpus of Christ
Superb Quality Ivory carved Corpus
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Herwig Simons
The King's Horse Florizel ll
A white painted plaster maquette of Florizel ll,made when in Stud at Sandringham, signed J W Hardy. English circa 1900. Florizel ll, a bay colt of...
Owl cup 16th. century
Owl Cups were presented as trophies to the best archers. This Owl Cup was made in Flanders in the 16th. century. To date it is the only known Owl ...
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Herwig Simons
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