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Ferguson 18th century pocket globe
A good example of a James Ferguson 3" pocket globe in original fish skin case
An 18th Century Heath & Wing Waywiser
A Heath & Wing Waywiser, English, third quarter of the 18th century. Signed to dial Heath & Wing, Strand, London, with silvered dial divided for fu...
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
A fine example of a 9" Dollond brass ring dial with superb engraving
18th century pocket globe
A good example of an Adams type pocket globe in original fish skin case retaining good colour Adams took Senxes plates over and put on the route...
Medicine chest by Knagg, London
An early 19th century fitted mahogany medicine chest with makers label and brass handle
Cased set of field surgeons instruments
A fine example of a cased set of instruments by S.Maw,sons and Thompson including Lisoton Knives , amputation saw and scalpels
Anthony Bower's Parallel Rule
A fine example of 18th century parallel rulers, ebony with brass hinges, engraved for Anthony Bower, November 1773. This is perhaps the civil engin...
Regency apothecaries box
A good example of a mahogany cased apothecaries box with bottles and scale the back with a hidden panel
Negretti & Zambra - London. Attractive and useful brass Weather Forecaster - No...
Attractive and useful brass Weather Forecaster – No 338, in essentially original condition, comprising three independently rotating rings, enabli...
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Alan Walker
Universal inclining dial by Watkins
A good example of an 18th century universal inclining dial by Watkins, London. In the original black fish skin case
German Brass sundial
An early 18th century brass adjustable brass engraved sundial in the manner of Willebrand with unusual central rotating arrow in the compass.
Library telescope by Fraser
A good example of an early 19th refracting 2" telescope by Fraser maker to His Majesty. in original mahogany case.
A good example of a brass and mahogany way wiser by Elliott, London.
Terrestrial and celestial globes by Smith of large size
The 15: globes in a turned mahogany stand and with the original varnish, very good colour to both the globes.
3.5 inch Celestial and Terrestrial globes by Smith
A charming matched pair of globes on original turned mahogany stands, both retaining original varnish.
Brass butterfield design sundial
A fine example of an 18th century brass French sundial in the Butterfield design by P Le Maire, Paris ,in the original fish skin case and retainin...
John Crichton - London. Mid 19th Century rosewood marine Stick Barometer.
Mid 19th Century rosewood marine Stick Barometer. The arched top over well engraved signed ivory register plates with rack-and-pinion operated vern...
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Alan Walker
Compound microscope
A small and compact compound microscope in the original mahogany case by Bithray, Royal Exchange , London
Screw Barrel Microscope
A fine and rare early 18th century Wilson type screw barrel microscope with five original numbered objectives and two lieberkuhns in turned brass c...
19th century cupping set
A good complete cupping set in the original mahogany case
THE NATURAL HISTORY OF BIRDS; containing A Variety of Facts Selected from severa...
THE NATURAL HISTORY OF BIRDS; containing A Variety of Facts Selected from several Writers, and intended for the Amusement and Instruction of Childr...
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David Miles Books
Lane Pocket Globe
A superb example of a Lane pocket globe dated 1809 in the original fish skin case, with the celestial papers inside the case. The globe retains the...
A fine verre eglomise wall mounted barometer and thermometer, the top with a polished brass star above a thermometer flanked by oracular panels of ...
Nicholas Wells
Set of Three Victorian Imperial Avoir Weights for WEST SUSSEX. 1852.
A set of three Victorian brass alloy Imperial Avoir Bell weights for the county of WEST SUSSEX, dated 1852. Comprising: 4lb Avoir, 2lb Avoir, 1lb A...
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David Foord-Brown Antiques
18th Century sundial & plinth.
Round 9" dial plate signed J Fowler fecit. The bronze dial and gnomon have a dark black patination with the engraved numerals and compass bearings ...
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Neill Robinson Blaxill F.B.H.I.
Culpepper microscope
A fine late 18th century Culpepper type microscope signed Adams, London. In the original mahogany case with a good selection os accessories
Negretti & Zambra - London. Attractive and useful brass Weather Forecaster, eng...
Attractive and useful brass Weather Forecaster, engraved on verso No. 44 – a very early number. This comprises three independently rotating ring...
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Alan Walker
Edward Melling - Liverpool. Attractive mid-19th Century mahogany Marine Stick B...
Attractive 19th Century mahogany Marine Stick Barometer; the pagoda-style pediment over ivory register plates, signed by the maker, with rack-and-p...
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Alan Walker
Travelling Pocket Instrument Case
Green shagreen and silver metal cased drawing instruments. The instruments being silver metal mounted and the ivory rule with maker’s mark: Cary,...
Duncan J. Baggott
pocket compass
A 19th century pocket compass with the owners name engraved on the cover.
Tunbridge Ware obelisk thermometer. Circa 1900.
The thermometer tube is spirit filled and placed on an engraved bone scale. The main obelisk centre is solid rosewood with the tesserae inlaid into...
Neill Robinson Blaxill F.B.H.I.
Georgian Mahogany Cased Brass Pantograph
Bears maker’s name: Cox London and dates from the late 18th or early 19th century. Pantographs were ingenious devices used by architects and othe...
Duncan J. Baggott
Old English Clocks. F H Green. No.145.
A beautiful rare book, created within an artisanal milieu, in which those involved, believed stretched back to a purer time earlier than that of th...
Neill Robinson Blaxill F.B.H.I.
Wimshurst Machine Vienna
An early Wimshurst machine with two Leidener flasks. To make electricity visible. Made in probably in Vienna, original box.
Prause Fritz Erben GmbH & Co KG
Compound microscope
A fine example of an early 18th century brass compound microscope in superb condition retaining it's original lacquer and in the fitted mahogany ca...
An Ivory String-Gnomon Compass Sundial
Measurements: 3” x 2 ¼” (7.5 x 5.5 cm) The outer part of the upper leaf engraved with a depiction of a hound wearing a collar; the interior...
Anthony Outred Ltd
Bernard Hennessey - Swansea. Good quality and unusual, mid 19th Century rosewoo...
Good quality and unusual, mid 19th Century rosewood cased ‘Improved Sympiesometer’- numbered 2772 - in original condition; the engraved silvere...
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Alan Walker
Each standing on a mahogany stand with turned supports and swept feet ending with brass casters, with wooden horizon rings laid with paper , the co...
Peter Lipitch Ltd
French ivory pocket dial
A Dieppe ivory sundial compendium with moon phase etc in the manner of Blound
Tunbridge ware thermometer. Signed H Hollamby.
Rosewood case decorated with tessallated mosaic Tunbridge ware. Henry Hollamby had a showroom at No. 12 the Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells and was one o...
Neill Robinson Blaxill F.B.H.I.
Cased Victorian silver desk set. barometer, thermometer & compass. Houghton & Gu...
A cased Victorian desk set containing a barometer, a thermometer and a compass. The set was assembled and retailed by Houghton & Gunn of New Bond S...
Vine Antiques Ltd
A Regency celestial globe by Cary
A good example of a regency period 14" celestial globe by Cary, London standing in the original mahogany tripod with brass meridan ring
A fine example of a marine chronometer
A superb mid 19th century 2 day marine chronometer by Daniels of Liverpool with a brass bound mahogany case and a mahogany deck box.
A compound microscope
An interesting brass microscope, with a lot of similar looks to a Carpenter improved microscope, with the original lacquer.
Cruncley 12' table globe
A good example of a terrestrial table globe in a mahogany stand by Cruncley, who took over Carys business. In good unrestored condition .