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A late 19th century barograph, with an eight atmosphere barometric gilt brass movement acting on a clockwork drum. Beveled glass oak frame case, on...
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Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Iron Mortar Circa 1600 With Its Original base
Interesting iron mortar with its original base French Renaissance mortar circa 1600 This beautiful object is composed of its iron mortar which i...
Alain Michel Antiquité Brussels
Weights by Avery
A run of 9 bell shaped bronze imperial weights. Ex. County of Monmouth.
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Early 19th Century Waywiser by W & S Jones, London
A W & S Jones Waywiser, English, first quarter of the 19th century. Signed to dial W & S Jones 30 Lower Holborn, London, with silvered dial divided...
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Balance Scales by Oertling
A cased 2 pan balance scale by L. Oertling of London. With a set of weights. Oertling made fine British balances from 1847 to 1996
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
18th century German pocket sundial by Andreas Vogler
A good example of an 18th century brass engraved pocket sundial by Andreas Vogler in original case and with a rare paper printed instructions and l...
50 lbs Standard Weight
A mahogany cased brass 50 lbs Imperial standard weight for the Monmouthshire County Council, made by De Grave Short & Co of London. Portcullis m...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Late 19th century mahogany architects folio stand
A very fine quality mahogany architects folio stand on ratcheted supports. Excellent overall condition. When fully open the width 49 inches.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Sand & Ballast Tolerance Measures
A sand and ballast measure by De Grave Short & Co Ltd of London. Measures one, three-quarters, and half cubic foot. Made for Monmouthshire Co...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Aneriod Barometer
An carved oak rope twist cased aneriod barometer. 6 inch dial.
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Standard Yard for Monmouth
A brass standard yard for Monmouth County Council, by De Grave & Co Ltd of London, dated 1920. Marked with Royal Ciphers and portcullis marks. ...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
7 lb Iron Weight
A Victorian cast iron 7 lbs standard bell weight. Ex. County of Monmouth.
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Brass Weights
Two brass standard weights, 7 and 4 lbs. Made by Reverifications.
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
A 3' Watson and sons refracting 'Century' telescope on stand
A good example of a refracting telescope by Watson and sons, London. This model was called the Century telescope and comes with a star finder scope...
19th century saccharometer mahogany set by bate's
Debenham Antiques Ltd.
Working model of a horizontal stationary live steam engine
A working scale model of a single cylinder twin spoked flywheel horizontal stationary open crank mill steam engine, circa 1880. Mounted on a la...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
19th Century Anatomical Medical Scientific Human Anatomy Sketches Marshalls Anat...
An exquisitely illustrated series of hand drawn ink sketches depicting detailed areas of the human skeleton. The first page depicts the complete s...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
20th Century Italian Pharmacy Scale, Fascist Era
Beautiful rare pharmacy scale dating back to the 1930s full fascist era. Wooden base with two flat drawers in antique patina brass. Very good condi...
Mobili del Passato SRL
Antique Stick Barometer, Davis Leeds, English, Oak, Scientific Instrument c.1830
This is an antique stick barometer by Davis of Leeds. English, oak and dating to the early 19th century, circa 1830. Of fine quality by renowned...
London Fine Antiques
Tangye Pulley Block
A mid 19th century differential pulley, also called "Weston differential pulley", by Tangye Ltd of Birmingham. The company acquired the patent of t...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
A 30 inch Terrestrial Globe by Johnston
A late Victorian mahogany 30 inch terrestrial globe by Johnston, circa 1890 The globe inscribed 30 INCH TERRESTRIAL GLOBE BY W & A K JOHNSTON LI...
James Graham-Stewart Ltd
Surveyors Rod
An early 19th century mahogany and boxwood surveyor's measure, extendable, with brass thumb screw to lock. Scale in Feet & inches and decimal f...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Beam Scale
A brass and iron beam scale, marked with KEKUATAN 110 kg. along with various proof and numeral markings. Indonesian, KEKUATAN meaning strength. ...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
A fine pair of mid 19th century globes by Wyld, London, 1847
A pair of terrestrial and celestial 12" globes in original mahogany table stands, good bright colours to both the globes.
Kinora Viewer
A rare cast iron model of the Kinora monochrome motion picture viewer, with double viewing lens arrangement, circa 1905. With reel of the Boat R...
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Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Set of Troy Standard Weights
A mahogany cased set of standard troy ounce weights made for the County of Gloucester by Doyle & Son of London, Dated 1890. The velvet lined cas...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Superb example of a Dolland compound microscope
A fine and complete example of a compound microscope by Dolland, London in the original fitted mahogany case which contains a full set of accessories
numbered No 25 and signed by J Duboscq a Paris. Louis Jules Duboscq was a French instrument maker, inventor, and pioneering photographer. He was k...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Kinora Viewer
A Kinora monochrome motion picture viewer on folding oak base. The Kinora was an early motion picture device, developed by the French inventors ...
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Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Torpedo Model by Légé & Co
A very rare prototype model of torpedo by A. Légé & Co., circa 1886. A working prototype brass model of a class of Torpedo known as a Traction...
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Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Torpedo Timer
A rare WWII one minute torpedo timer designed by Charles Frodsham, made by Robert North & Sons, Bushey. Numbered: W.2575 A large cased electr...
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Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Large Demonstration Slide Rule
A rare 1950's large-scale double sided demonstration slide rule, by Blundell Rules Ltd of Weymouth, England. Over 5 foot in length. The slide...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Van Der Graff Generator
A large aluminium domed Van Der Graff generator, powered by a "Parvalux" electric motor. A Van de Graaff generator is an electrostatic generator...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Microscope by W. F. Archer of Liverpool
A cased brass monocular microscope, the foot marked W. F. Archer 43 Lord St. Liverpool. Original lacquer, rack and pinion focusing with fine fo...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Theodolite by Stanley
A mahogany cased brass precision engineer’s level or theodolite, by W. F. Stanley & Co of London. William F. Stanley of Great Turnstile, Holbo...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Parallel Ruler by Stanley
An early 20th century brass parallel ruler with rollers by Stanley, Great Turnstile, Holborn, London. In original fitted mahogany box. Willia...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Telescope by James Pettit
A mahogany cased brass telescope by James Pettit F.R.A.S. (Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society), the main tube is inscribed "Made by James Pet...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Tape Measure for Huntingdon & Peterborough
A leather cased 20 meter standard metal tape measure for Huntingdon & Peterborough County Council by Rabone Chesterman. Rabone Chesterman ltd, m...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Westphal balance
A cased Mohr-Westphal density balance. Attributed to Baird & Tatlock of London. For a similar instrument see: Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. ...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Scales for Exeter City
A 56 lbs brass beam scale made by Doyle & Son of London for the City of Exeter. Marked with royal ciphers. With case and tripod.
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
siver and shagreen magnifying glass retailed by Asprey
An early 20th century silver and shagreen handled magnifying glass marked Asprey London.
ebony handle regency magnifying glass
A good example of a 19th century ebony handled magnifying glass
Standard Yard for Norfolk 1888
A brass standard imperial yard for the County of Norfolk, by W & T Avery of London. Dated 1888.
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Standard Yard and Meter
A standard yard and meter for Huyton-with-Roby Urban District Council, with lockable carrying case, two movable magnifying glasses and steel liftin...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Set of 5 Standard Weights for Plymouth
A set of five George IV brass imperial standard weights for Plymouth, dated 1826. The 56 lbs weight is marked "Corporation of the Borough of Ply...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
superb pair of Delamarche table globes
A wonderful pair of 19th century table globes by Mansion Delamarche Paris, in superb original condition. The 12" globes in the original turned wood...
A cased standard subdivided yard for the Borough of Plymouth, dated 1892. With lignum Vitae lifting handles and original fitted mahogany case. M...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
12 Metric Standard Measures
A set of 12 conical brass metric standard measures. 0.01 to 10 litres.
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.