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Cottam & Hallen Waywiser
ANTIQUE WAYWISER BY COTTAM AND HALLEN. A brass and iron Waywiser by Cottam & Hallen with turned walnut handles. The waywiser has a 23" diameter sp...
Manfred Schotten Antiques
19th Century Anatomical Medical Scientific Human Anatomy Sketches Marshalls Anat...
An exquisitely illustrated series of ink sketches depicting the human bones. The first, the complete skeleton with each bone numbered and named wi...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Victorian Brass Microscope by W Matthews
A Victorian brass microscope by W Matthews of London. The microscope in a mahogany case with a selection of eye pieces, lenses and glass slide...
Graham Smith Antiques
Set of 8 brass cased standard liquid measures dated 1905
A set of 8 brass conical imperial liquid standard measures in original case by De Grave of London for the County of Cumberland. All marked with ...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Case of Engine Divided Rulers
A late 19th century mahogany box of engine divided rulers by David Robertson & Co Ltd Glasgow. The mahogany box is brass pinned and has an ins...
Graham Smith Antiques
fine example of a 3' Newton pocket globe
A very original example of a 3" Newton pocket globe in the original fish skin case containing the celestial paper. original colour and varnish
Standaerd weights by De Grave and Co dated 1896
An extensive set of cased bronze and brass standard weights made for use by the Borough of Croydon by De Grave & Co of London. 17 weights in tot...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
WWI military surveyors level dated 1918
A Ministry of Defence WWI surveyors level by Smith Day & Co. With Broad Arrow (Pheon) mark, and dated 1918. Hardwood with brass fittings, wi...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Rare walking stick telescope by Keen, Liverpool
A rare original walking stick telescope, the top cover and ferrel both remover to show a well made brass instrument by Keen, Liverpool in full work...
Dental Articulators
A pair of early 20th century aluminium and bronze dental articulators mounted on iron display stands. Height of the smaller: 74 cm - 29 inches...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
18th century ring dial by Chapotot Paris
A rare example of an early 18th century 3" ring dial finely engraved with unusual supports to the hour ring making reading the time easier.
Engineer's cased precision spirit level
An engineer's steel precision metric spirit/bubble level, English, circa 1910-1920. Marked: 1 DIV = 0.05 mm. IN 1 METER Original mahogany cas...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
1754 pocket globe by Nathaniel Hill
Good example of a dated Hill pocket globe in the original fish skin case retaining the original varnish to the globe
Courtauld Atomic Models by Griffin & George of London
A cased set of Courtauld atomic models, by Griffin & George of London. Designs of Dr. G. S. Hartley of Courtaulds Ltd. in 1952. Scale: 20mm e...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Galashiels brass standard bell weights
A cased set of 4 brass standard weights produced for and used by the Burgh of Galashiels, Selkirkshire, Scotland. 1, 2, 4 and 7 lbs.
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Run of 4 brass Avoir standard weights
A set of four brass Imperial standard avoir weights, made for the Borough of Clitheroe. 50lb, 20lb, 10lb and 5lb. Stamped with Royal ciph...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Beringer polyhedral sundial
A good example of a late 18th/early 19th century box compass in original condition, signed D Beringer, he was well know for this design of sundi...
Rare 18th century french silver sundial
A rare silver french sundial by Haye of Paris in the german style with fine quality engraving
Floor standing telescope by West, London
A good 2.5' astronomical floor standing telescope by West in the original oak case and original tripod , with a number of lenses including terrest...
18' floor standing globe
An 18' English country house library floor standing terrestrial globe by Addison , London in the original mahogany stand with compass. The globe ...
Set of 7 brass Globe Weights
A set of 7 brass spherical standard weights for the Borough of Grantham. 56,28,14,7,4,2 and 1 lbs. By W&T Avery of Birmingham. Portcullis ...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Floor standing astronomical telescope by Casella
A good example of a floor standing 3" telescope in fine original condition with two terrestrial lenses as well as astronomical ones. contained in t...
Set of Standard Measures for Aberdeen
A cased set of 8 Victorian brass imperial liquid measures. 1 quarter gill to 1 gallon. Made by Doyle & Son of London for the County of Aberdeen.
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Dip Circle by J. J. Griffin & Sons
A late 19th century brass magnetic dip circle with a 7” dial, by John Joseph Griffin (1802–9 June 1877) of Long Acre, London. Marked Griffin Lo...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
6' Telescope by Watson & Sons
A “Royal Century” refracting telescope, 6 inch achromatic objective lens, by W. Watson & Sons, of London and Barnet. Note: MESSRS’ W. WATS...
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Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Dynamometer by Salter
A brass and oak "improved" dynamometer by Salter's. Used to test tension. Brass dial inscribed: 200 lb. by 1 lb. George Salter and Co - The firm...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Live steam 3.5' model train
A fine model of Stephensons locomotive used on the Manchester and Liverpool line named on the pressure valve L Jones , Maryport
Andreas Vogler sundial
An 18th century pocket sundial
Gregorian reflecting brass telescope
A good example of a 2.75" telescope in the manner of George Adams in good original condition and retaining most of the lacquer.
3' Victorian Telescope
A fine Victorian brass telescope with a and starfinder, on an altazimuth mount and original brass fitted mahogany tripod, with attached telescopic ...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
WWII Portable lighthouse Lamp
A World War II portable lighthouse lamp by AGA (American Gas Accumulator Co.)of Elizabeth, New Jersey. 4th order Fresnel lens. With transport...
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Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Telescope by James Pettit
A brass library telescope by James Pettit F.R.A.S. (Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society), the main tube is inscribed "Made by James Pettit F.R...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
A good example of a brass and mahogany way wiser by Elliott, London.
Dollond Telescope
A brass 2 ¾“ achromatic library refractor telescope on an equatorial mount by Dollond of London, with mahogany case and accessories, circa 1810....
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Universal inclining dial by Watkins
A good example of an 18th century universal inclining dial by Watkins, London. In the original black fish skin case
Set of Three Victorian Imperial Avoir Weights for WEST SUSSEX. 1852.
A set of three Victorian brass alloy Imperial Avoir Bell weights for the county of WEST SUSSEX, dated 1852. Comprising: 4lb Avoir, 2lb Avoir, 1lb A...
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David Foord-Brown Antiques
Silver Butterfield sundial
A good small example by Butterfield in the original fitted case.
Medicine chest by Knagg, London
An early 19th century fitted mahogany medicine chest with makers label and brass handle
Library telescope by Fraser
A good example of an early 19th refracting 2" telescope by Fraser maker to His Majesty. in original mahogany case.
Compound microscope
A small and compact compound microscope in the original mahogany case by Bithray, Royal Exchange , London
Brass butterfield design sundial
A fine example of an 18th century brass French sundial in the Butterfield design by P Le Maire, Paris ,in the original fish skin case and retainin...
German Brass sundial
An early 18th century brass adjustable brass engraved sundial in the manner of Willebrand with unusual central rotating arrow in the compass.
Screw Barrel Microscope
A fine and rare early 18th century Wilson type screw barrel microscope with five original numbered objectives and two lieberkuhns in turned brass c...
Terrestrial and celestial globes by Smith of large size
The 15: globes in a turned mahogany stand and with the original varnish, very good colour to both the globes.
Wimshurst Machine Vienna
An early Wimshurst machine with two Leidener flasks. To make electricity visible. Made in probably in Vienna, original box.
Prause Fritz Erben GmbH & Co KG