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Ski Book, Burberrys Hints on Alpine Sports.
A great ski Book, Hints on Alpine Sports, by F.F. Roget. Member of the Swiss Alpine and Alpine ski club. With a supplement on Mountaineering and W...
Manfred Schotten Antiques
The Ski Runner, Ski Book.
The Ski-Runner, E. C. Richardson. A fine Ski book. The Ski Runner, by E.C. Richardson. This is a first edition in good condition, with 143 illustr...
Manfred Schotten Antiques
MR. JOSEPH BINDER (1898-1972)
Ski Poster, Raxbahn, Joseph Binder
Vintage Ski Poster, Raxbahn, Joseph Binder. A well framed and mounted Austrian Tourism ski poster. The coloured 1929 lithograph is by renowned Au...
Manfred Schotten Antiques
Skiing Brooch, Birch Legs.
Skiing Birchlegs Crossing the Mountain with the Royal Child. An unusual brooch with a scene of skiing Vikings, 'The Birch Legs'. The Norwegian Ste...
Manfred Schotten Antiques
1940s SNCF skiing poster: Winter Sports in France (Alps, Jura, Pyrenees etc.)
Original vintage ski poster by Vecoux issued by the French State Railways, SNCF to promote winter tourism to France. Great image of a steam locomot...