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The Ansbach (Germany) manufactory, founded in 1710, made faience wares. Porcelain pieces were first made there from 1758 and workers there included those who had moved away from the Meissen manufactory. The turning to the manufacture of porcelain was at the behest of Markgrave Alexander, thus a ruler again over-seeing a porcelain manufactory. A director was J F Kaendler, cousin of J J Kaendler at the Meissen manufactory. The decorators Schoellhammer and Stenglein were particularly noted. Much of Ansbach's blank porcelain production was sent for decoration by Leichner in The Haag.  

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Ansbach Porcelain Cup & Saucer
Ansbach Teacup and Saucer with a scroll handle. Decorated with birds and flower sprigs
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