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Moreau (French) was born in Dijon in 1834 and he died in Malesherbes on November 11th, 1917. The third and youngest son of sculptor and painter Jean-Baptiste Moreau, Auguste Louis Mathurin Moreau initiated himself to sculpture along with his older brother Mathurin. In 1861 he made his debut at the Salon, where he would exhibit regularly and abundantly until 1913.
His subjects were primarily genre scenes, pastorals and allegories. His style was realistic and graceful, revealing his relation to the other members of the Moreau dynasty.
The similitude of names sometimes provokes confusion in the attribution of certain works signed without first initials.
He exhibited at the Salon in Paris from 1863 to 1907. Many of his works illustrated and mentioned in bronze reference books are of young children.
A number of Auguste Moreau's subjects, very popular at the time, were cast in bronze. Their titles vary between exposition catalogues and listings from public sales, so connecting individual pieces with works exhibited at the Salon is not easy.
Some small groups and statuettes by Auguste Moreau were also executed in marble.
Works by Auguste Moreau are to be found in the following museums: Bordeaux, Dijon (4). Gray and Reims.
Kjellberg illustrates the Moreau Family Tree on page 508. Auguste Moreau's brothers Mathurin and Hippolyte both sculpted as well and their names are well known. Among Auguste Moreau's descendants there were 3 more sculptors and 2 painters.

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A pair of bronzed female figures carrying grain and fowl by Auguste Moreau
Standing on circular shaped ebonised wood plinths. Auguste Louis Mathurin Moreau (French, 1834-1917), from the famous Moreau family of artists, ...
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