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The Bloomsbury Group was the name given to the group of artists, writers and intellectuals who began to meet at the London home of Vanessa Bell and her brothers and sister in 1905, to share ideas and support each other's creative activities. These meetings continued for the next three decades, but with the deaths of key members in the 1930s and 1940s, the group lost its cohesion, although individual members remained friends and continued their creative careers.despite the criticisms levelled at them, many of the members of the Bloomsbury circle were important thinkers and innovators and their achievements and influence should not be dismissed or overshadowed by their backgrounds and lifestyle:
Bloomsbury is altogether to the fore - the name of Grant is pronounced with respect amongst the artists, and that of Keynes amongst the intellectuals, that of Lytton Strachey among the 'lettres'.

Clive Bell in a letter to Vanessa Bell, Nov. 1919?

When Clive Bell made this observation in a letter to Vanessa Bell, he was writing from Paris where he met and socialised with important cultural figures such as Picasso, Cocteau and Satie. That the names of the Bloomsbury artists and intellectuals were known in these circles suggests the extent of their reputation.

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