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Boyce, Brown & Kemp were in business between circa 1873 & 1916. Like Henry Hollamby, they had a bias towards the wholesale trade. With the closure of Hollamby's & Barton's businesses, Boyce, Brown & Kemp became the sole supplier and manufacturer of Tunbridge Ware.

Boyce, Brown & Kemp took over many of Hollamby's designs and blocks, including the topographical subjects. These included Eridge Castle, Battle Abbey, Hever Castle, Penshurst Place & The Pantiles.

Boyce, Brown & Kemp used simple geometric borders and favoured perspective cube work. They oftem made novelty items such as teapot & kettle pincushions.

Boyce, Brown & Kemp rarely labelled their work.

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Tunbridge Ware Box
A pin-hinged box with a view of a house set amongst trees. Attributed to Boyce, Brown & Kemp.
Amherst Antiques
Tunbridge Ware Needlebook
A needle book with the mosaic of a house amongst trees to one cover and a floral spray to the reverse. Attributed to Boyce, Brown & Kemp.
Amherst Antiques
Tunbridge Ware Stamp Box
A single stamp box with the mosaic of a windmill. Possibly attributable to Boyce, Brown & Kemp.
Amherst Antiques
Tunbridge Ware Trinket Cabinet
A rare three-drawer trinket cabinet veneered in olive wood with a view of Eridge Castle to the lid and with floral panels to the doors. Attributed ...
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