Carl Kauba

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Carl Kauba (1865-1922) studied in Vienna under Carl Waschmann and Stefan Schwartz. Little is known about the life of this interesting sculptor who, in true Viennese style nearly always, but by no means exclusively, produced polychromatic bronzes, cold painted after casting and finishing.

Initially inspired by the romantic stories of the American West written by the German Carl May, his work is normally restricted to scenes from the Wild West rather than specific animals. His period casts are often by the Bergman Foundry.

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CARL KAUBA (1865-1922)
Silvered Bronze Figure of a Skeleton
The figure of the skeleton, striking a pose recalling the famous scene from Hamlet, rests his right foot on a volume inscribed "Hippocrates"* in Gr...
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Peter Petrou
CARL KAUBA (1865-1922)
The Treasure Seeker
An early 20th century metamorphic patinated and gilt bronze sculpture. A patinated figure of a young man holds a spade atop of a mound of earth whi...
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