Charles Augustus (Karl August) Schmalcalder

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Charles Schmalcalder worked as a Mathematical Instrument Maker in 1806/1839 in The Strand, Tottenham, Borough Of Middlesex, (Pancras). 82 The Strand, London, Patented The Prismatic Compass, 1812 A great deal of his Instruments are on display in the British Science Museum, Whipple Museum and in some private collections
Charles Schmalcalder filed patent: No 3000 of 22 December 1806 for a Delineator a Tracing Device
Charles Augustus Schmalcalder filed No 3545 of 1812 for a Prismatic Compass
Later went to 399/400 the Strand from 1816-1839

Born: mar 29, 1781, Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, September, Germany
Christened: mar 31, 1781, Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, September, Germany
Marriage: Charlotte Ann Cochran may 24, 1804, St Andrews, Holburn, London, England
Died: dec 25, 1843, Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London, England at age 62
Buried: The Strand, Westminster Borough Of Middlesex, (Pancras)

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