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Charles-Guillaume Diehl (1811-1885) was one of the most flamboyant Paris makers of 'meubles de luxe' between 1840 and around 1880, specialising in extravagant pieces, including porcelain mounted, boulle and 'pietre-dure' furniture. He had a unique exotic style of a Romano-Gallec nature, incorporating lavish, full relief mounts on to rectangular items of furniture, profusely inlaid.

He established a large atelier at 38, rue Saint-Sebastien, and maintained a retail premises in Rue Michel le Comte between 1853 and 1885. Diehl manufactured all kinds of coffrets - liqueur cabinets, games boxes, jewellery caskets, as well as furnishings.

Diehl participated in all the major international exhibitions during the middle of the Nineteenth Century, commencing with the Great Exhibition in 1851. Various pieces by Diehl are in the Musée d'Orsay, the Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A notable example, with Gothic references, is now in the Museé d'Orsay and illustrated in Ledoux-Lebard Les Ebénistes du XIXe Siècle, p.165.

Diehl's signature is usually found on the lockplate in an almost Gothic script 'Diehl A Michel-le-Compt 19 Paris'.

Makers Bibliography:

Ledoux-Lebard, Denise Les Ebénistes du XIX Siècle, Les Editions de l'Amateur, (Paris) 1984, pps. 164-7.

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