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CHARLES HERRING was born in Doncaster in 1828, the second youngest son and fourth youngest child of John Frederick Herring Snr. Little is known about his work, however many leading experts agree that he painted or helped with many of the scenes that are signed by John Frederick Herring Snr. He seems to have had a very good relationship with his father both personally and professionally. Evidence of their collaboration can be found in a letter Charles wrote to a friend in America (written the year before his death) of which he says of his father and himself " Our two noddles or in other words heads - do wonderful things in the world of art - we devote certain hours everyday to painting". Works actually signed by Charles are rare and his premature death has provided us with few biographical details. However, we are given clues about his personality and pursuits through letters written to friends and family. He enjoyed gardening and was proud of the flowers that he grew. He loved the country, despite having spent much of his life in Camberwell, and when living at Meopham Park with his family said that he "loves the country and only rarely visits the metropolis". Charles enjoyed walking, usually around 8 miles a day when in good health, however this was gradually given up after he developed swelling of the legs, possibly gout or a similar affliction, which eventually crippled him. He enjoyed female company and took an interest in the fashions of the day describing them in detail. At the age of only 28, he was struck down by Scarlet Fever and died on 1 June 1856 in Kent. His father was so distraught that he laid the front drive with seashells and never drove over it again. Charles is buried in Hildenborough churchyard in Kent.

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