Charles William Thornley

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Charles William Thornley
Fl 1858-1898 British

Painter in oil who exhibited at the Royal Academy (53); British Institution (4); Suffolk Street Galleries (50); New Watercolour Society (8); Grosvenor Gallery (5); New Gallery (5) and 82 at various other centres. There is some mystery still to be resolved about his name. His normal signature is “Thornley with the “T” crossed through the “H”. Charles sometimes signed W.A. Thornberry, Thornberry or Thornbury, and some authentic examples have been found signed Thornery. He used the name “William” instead of “Charles”. Thornley lived mainly in London and at Hastings between 1858 and 1898. He painted a large number of pictures on the east and south coasts, Whitby, Scarborough and Hastings being some of his favourite locations along with the Thames Estuary and the River Medway. William also painted along the coast of France, Holland, Guernsey and the British coast to Devon, Cornwall and Wales His favourite times to paint appear to have been sunset and dawn. Daytime scenes are far fewer, although they usually seem to be amongst his better quality works. Thorley’s paintings are frequently seen and widely admired, very little known about the man himself. His family name was Thornberry, but he used the name “Thornley” for his paintings more frequently than any of the other variations. Painting under another name was a practice indulged in by many Victorian artists.
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'Fishing Boats by Moonlight with Fisher Folk at work on the Shore Line'
Conservation re-line by Robert Mitchell. Frame gilded by the Mitchell Studio Gallery Classic frame studio.
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