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De Lander, Delander or Delaunder. Daniel was a fine early clock and watch maker who was apprenticed to Charles Halsted in 1692 and earned his freedom in 1699. After a time as journeyman (servant) to Thomas Tompion he set up his own business at the Dial in Devereux Court from 1706 till 1712. Then between Two Temple Gates 1712 to 1717 and then he moved across the road to Fleet Street until his death. His notable workings included inventing a spring to secure watch cases and he produced the earliest known independent centre seconds stop watch c 1705 i.e.. the seconds hand can be stopped without affecting the time train. During his working life he took on several apprentices:- James Bowman, 3 April 1723, 7 years for £10.00.
Nathan Bateman, 28 April 1714, 7 years for £50.00
Josiah Boddell, 6 July 1730, 7 years for £20.00.

It seems he stopped working just before his death in 1733, handing the business to his only son, Nathaniel.

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2 Results
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