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The thriving firm of Doulton & Co. bought Pinder Bourne & Co. in Burslem Staffordshire, in 1877. This became Doulton Burslem specialising in fine bone china.

Henry Doulton was awarded the coveted Albert Medal of the Society of Arts in 1885 and was Knighted by Queen Victoria in 1887, the first potter ever to be so honoured. Doulton held off exhibiting his new wares until the Paris Exhibition in 1892 and the Chicago Exhibition in 1893 where they caused a sensation. Sir Henry Doulton died in 1897 and was succeeded as General Manager by his son Henry Louis Doulton. The firm was authorised by King Edward VII to use the term Royal in 1901, and from then on was known as Royal Doulton.

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An Outstanding Royal Doulton Burselm Exhibition Vase
An Outstanding Doulton Burselm Exhibition Vase by Samuel Wilson and W. H. Skinner. The vase is boldly painted with a Red Stag with Hind, the rev...
Adrian Alan