Drew & Sons, Piccadilly Circus

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Drew & Sons was founded by John Drew, married Mary Summers and one of their sons was Samuel Summers Drew. The firm started in 1844 when John Drew was 20, and thus not of age under British law at that time. It seems likely, therefore, that he got his father who was a glover in Maidenhead (although born in Iron Acton, Somerset), to be the legal founder of the business. His name was Samuel Drew.

John Drew apprenticed as a display cabinet maker and he used to bang his head on the pillow four times so he would wake up at 4 am. He used the time to make cabinets on his own account and so had enough money to start his business when his apprenticeship was over.

The British business was sold in the 1930's, the last vestiges of it as a business was on the door of a silversmiths in Upper Audley Street, Mayfair which had the words "Incorporating Drew and Sons".

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