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A British courtier
A courtier in black doublet and fine lace collar, a gold order is suspended from a gold chain around his neck, he wears a gold mounted ruby on hi...
Ellison Fine Art
Portrait miniature of an Officer in armour with black hair and white cravat
This fine portrait miniature shows an assertive military figure in his prime. His hair worn long, the sitter emulates fashions that originated at t...
Philip Mould & Company
Portrait of a lady
Jan Muller Antiques
Portrait of a Lady c.1620
This exquisite large scale portrait is a sublime example of The Dutch Golden Age portrait. In this carefully observed three quarter length portrai...
Titan Fine Art
Portrait of a Lady c.1630
This portrait is a good example from The Dutch Golden Age which was a period in Dutch history, roughly spanning the 17th century, in which Dutch tr...
Titan Fine Art