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John Ward's, "The Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent" published in 1843 states:

"The firm of ENOCH WOOD AND SONS take the lead as Earthenware manufacturers, and have occupied that position for many years; the head of the house, Enoch Wood, Esq., whose name we have had occasion to introduce on several previous occasions, commenced business, in 1783, on his own account, and, in 1790, was joined by James Caldwell, Esq., late of Linley-Wood; the business being then from that time conducted under the firm of "Enoch Wood & Caldwell," until the year 1818, when Mr Wood purchased Mr Caldwell's property in the concern, and the present firm of Enoch Wood and Sons had its commencement.

They occupy the sites of four ancient pot-works, near together, on the two sides of the old Pack-Horse-Lane, (formerly a public thoroughfare from Burslem to Newcastle, but now stopped up,) and which are connected by means of a subterraneous passage, as well as by the arched gallery shewn in the first of the two plates introduced hereafter, which exhibits the east front of the large manufactory in Fountain-Place, erected by Mr Wood in 1789.

A windmill was, in the first place, employed here in raising water and preparing the day, ready for the hands of the potters, and for grinding glaze and colours, but this work is now done by steam-power. Messrs Wood and Sons also occupy another manufactory at a short distance in the town, late belonging to Mr John Brettell...

Mr Wood., in the year 1807, obtained a Patent for an improvement in the mode of raising water from deep mines, by means of balance beams, fixed at different depths in the shaft, and combining therewith the high pressure power of the steam engine known as Trevithick's, with the air-pump and condenser of Boulton and Watt, which had not been previously adopted. This invention Mr Wood applied, for many years, to a steam-mill, and drainage of coalmines, at the Bycars, near Burslem, and found productive of very considerable advantages. The establishment of Enoch Wood and Sons has been hitherto employed in the manufacture of earthenware of every variety, and they have of late years been reckoned the largest exporters of that article from Staffordshire to the United States of America. They have recently combined the making of Porcelain with their other business."

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