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Based in the Wiltshire Downs, Fenella Elms builds porcelain into flowing textures and rhythmic structures. The works are mounted for wall-hanging or made as free-standing sculptures, all built up in a gradual increments with many porcelain parts.

“I am drawn to align small pieces, strips and edges into intricate structures and textures. The work builds with the connection of similar parts and the interaction that comes about through placing in formation. Indiscernibly shifting components build a co-operative body. I want the work to be alive; responsive to light and active with movement.”

Since graduating in 2008, Fenella has was won prizes in both ceramics and design and her work has been published in ceramics art books, as well as featuring in interiors magazines. She has undertaken numerous international public and private commissions.

The work is all made from porcelain, sometimes with added stain for colour. The porcelain parts are stuck together with slip (liquid porcelain) and fired in the kiln to 1260 degrees so that all the parts are fused together as one. Glaze is not used; the colour is within the porcelain body.


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