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The Goldscheider firm was founded in 1885 by Friedrich Goldscheider in Vienna. A man with an outstanding creative vision, he recognised the importance of the orientalism movement at that time and decided to create a particular style of orientalist terracotta sculptures. The models were designed by renowned Viennese artists including Arthur Strasser, and were primarily of North African and African American subjects. The Company also produced a series of historical classical and theatrical subjects including Othello and Henry VIII.

In 1891 the firm were granted the patent for decorating wares with a bronze colour. The new wares achieved great popularity especially in Paris, and in 1892 Goldscheider opened a branch there for producing 'bronzed' articles. In 1893 these were presented at the International Exhibition in Leipzig and at the World's Colombian Exposition in Chicago.

After Friedrich's death in France in 1897 his wife Regina and brother Alois Goldscheider managed the firm and continued to produce romantic models of women reflecting the Art Nouveau style.

Makers Bibliography:

Filipp Goldscheider, Robert Dechant, Goldscheider: History of the Company and Catalogue of Works, Arnoldsche (Stuttgart), 2007.

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