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The GINO CENEDESE and SON glassworks owes its name to the founder, belonging to a family of ancient roots from Murano.
Working the glass on the island of Murano is, and was even more so in the past, the destiny of the men over many generations: it was also the destiny of Gino Cenedese (1907-1973), who went into the glass furnace at the age of 9 learning the craft from different glass masters.
In 1946, at the end of the war, encouraged by the new times he founded the GINO CENEDESE & C glassworks. Under his guidance the glassworks, enjoyed a great stimulus establishing itself both at a national and international level because of the high quality of the production. Alongside the ancient tradition of glassmaking at Murano with the production of blown glass, goblets, vases, plates and world-famous Venetian chandeliers, Gino Cenedese was able to expand into the attractions of contemporary art, to the continuous research into new ways of enhancing and interpreting the properties of glass, a fascinating and brilliant material.
From the collaboration with different artists beginning in the Fifties historical objects were involved in important national and international exhibitions (at the Venice Biennale of 1950 with sculptures created in part with the prototypes of the master Barbini, in 1952 with fascinating and innovative blocks with submerged figures and abstract motifs – types of aquariums - by Riccardo Licata; in 1954 with the creation of "Little Theatre and Window" by the designer Fulvio Bianconi).

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