Gordon Ellis

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Gordon Ellis
1920 – 1978
“The American Challenger”

Marine painter, born in Liverpool. As a boy he was always fascinated by the sea and spent many hours wandering around the docks and watching the ships. He worked under Claude Fisher and at the age of 17 his sailing ship paintings where produced in “The Tattler” in colour. He worked as a navel architect and in his spare time he painted marines for ship-owners. In 1948 Gordon became a full time painter and received commissions from ship-owners and companies in America, Canada and throughout Europe, the reason his paintings are seldom seen on the market. Ellis exhibited in Guernsey, the Boydell Gallery, Liverpool and other places. The American Challenger stayed off shore during the evacuation of Saigon to pick up stragglers from that Historical event.

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GORDON ELLIS (born 1920)
'American Challenger'
Conservation re-line by Robert Mitchell is his Surrey fine art conservation studio; Painting remains in the slightly scuffed original frame.
Mitchell Studio Gallery