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James Collinson was born in Nottinghamshire. He was associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Collinson came to London by 1846 and exhibited a head study in that year at the Society of British Artists. He was a devout Catholic, who reverted to the Anglican faith to marry Christina Rossetti. However, his conscience overrode him and he broke off the engagement and returned to Catholicism. The furore that surrounded Millais’ work Christ in the House of his Parents meant that Collinson disassociated himself with the brotherhood as he felt it was bringing Christianity into disrepute. It was after his resignation that he began training as a Jesuit priest in 1853 but did not complete the study. He began to exhibit again at the Royal Academy in 1855. In 1858, he married Eliza Wheeler and moved to Surrey. His relations with William Rossetti had been improved enough for him to participate in the Exhibition of British Art that toured America in 1857-8. He exhibited regularly at the Society of British Artists and was his secretary from 1861-70.

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